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Translation help: How do I say "please send me coffee" in French?

I'm learning a new language every month on Duolingo while I'm on maternity leave. This month is French! I'm writing a blog about my progress (wait, don't down vote, this is relevant!). The tagline for my blog is, "please send coffee" so I sign off my posts every month with that tagline in the language that I'm learning.

So this month I've signed off with: S'il vous plaît envoyez-moi du café.

Does this translate to "please send me coffee"?

Merci! Dayna

October 2, 2017



« envoyez-moi du café », but who would say that in French ?

a prisoner who would ask for coffee from his family,

a soldier on mission in a distant country,

a student who would like a parcel from his mother,

a collector of coffees from all over the world ;

are you collecting brands of coffee ?


Who would say that? Haha, a tired new mom learning French while her baby is napping instead of taking a nap herself. Right here, that's me. It's meant to just be a funny sign off, not an actual request. But collecting coffee from around the world sounds like a great idea!


Ah! Coffee to recharge the batteries of a young mother. I understand. But is coffee recommended to a nursing mother? (is it right to ask that to a young American mom or is it a bit indecent?).

A square of chocolate rather than coffee, right?


From another mom, been there done that, both coffee and chocolate! Coffee in low doses is fine for nursing moms.

Would Du café s'il vous plaît work as well? Or j'ai besoin du café.


I suspect Dayna would adore having some coffee :^)


Dayna, what is your favorite coffee and how do you like it ;^) On another topic, have you heard of the site called WordHippo? I think you will LOVE this site! They have at least 60 languages that will help you translate one word or one sentence from any language to any language! Amazing, but true ;) I would love to hear about your experience if you decide to try WordHippo :-)


I would definitely give WordHippo a try and let you know how it goes. Thank you so much!


I certainly would!


'Du café, s'il vous plaît', yes, with a comma, ideally.

'J'ai besoin de café', not 'du'. Hard to explain. ;)

[EDIT: Well, I can try: 'J'ai besoin' does not mean 'I need', but literally 'I have [a] need', so 'J'ai besoin de café' = 'I have a need of coffee'.]

None would be funny enough, though. Only correct. They sound a bit miserable.

'Envoyez-moi du café, s'il vous plaît !' (with a comma, which is mandatory in French, and a space before the exclamation mark) would be OK, I think.


If you have any advice for balancing a baby and language learning (you've got a lot of languages under your belt!), I'm all ears.


I didn't start Duolingo until mine were in their 20's. Still allowing yourself some me time with languages when the babe is asleep is good. Also, listening to music in the language that you are learning is great. A plus, your child gets to hear it too! Great opportunity to get books for young ones and read out loud. :-) Especially French given your location.

Also, keep it casual so you can be flexible, some days you may not have time so I suggest not paying attention to steaks.


I love the idea of listening to more music in another language. I've been trying to find French music using Google Play. Do you have any favourite French musicians? This might be a whole new topic for the Duolingo forum.


Look for an album called Paris published by Putomayo. It's delightful!


Such a beautiful idea! ? Dayna's child could help her with pronunciation when they get older :^) I learned in a language class that babies all around the world make the same sounds until 6 months old, then they start to mimic where they live. Also, once we hit puberty, our brains are hard wired and it is now more difficult to learn another language and extremely difficult to learn correct pronunciation. Our mouths are changed to correctly say the words in our environment. For instance, I understand that German speakers are not able to do the English TH sound. English speakers have a difficult time with rolled R's. I know of a young mother who is teaching her one year old to growl with the hope that he will be able to roll R's! :^)


A beautiful idea, what a nice compliment. Thank you! Some parts of learning a new language are much easier when you're a child. But I've done most of my language learning post-puberty and I've found it to be easier to grasp new concepts and understand different sentence structures as an adult. Sure, my accent will always be terrible but I hope I can encourage other adults to learn a new language if it's something they've always wanted to do.


I listen to french stations on iTunes, the internet-especially Youtube, and Spodify. Also I can check books and audios out through my city's public library. Here there is a lot of Spanish but I do find other languages.

I don't have any specific french musicians though I lean towards pop. I suggest looking at folk songs too. For books, I love Barbar, Madeline, fairy tales, and Asterix in English and French.


Thank you for the concern for me and the baby by suggesting chocolate. I welcome chocolate or coffee, and both is even better!

You've unknowingly stepped a few (off-topic) landmines. You've assumed that I'm nursing (I am, but this is a tough topic for people who can't or choose not to), that I'm American (I'm Canadian), and that I'm not obsessed with Googling everything that might affect my baby (I've definitely Googled this coffee question and a little is ok).


Good answer! ;-) Fellow mom :-)


Some English words and sentences are very versatile/ambiguous. That makes English easy, but hard to translate or transfer into other languages.

If you want to receive coffee via post (envelope, package) or via e-mail, then your tagline is very fitting. The imagination is quite funny, though.

Good luck with your project and best wishes for your young family


inverse what you have written, 'envoyez-moi du café svp', or you can just say ' du café svp' which i personally think looks a bit better ;) well done you for giving yourself this mission! good luck! :)


Another way to phrase it would be "Sil vous plait, m'envoyez du café", using the indirect object form rather than the hyphenated verb-subject form.


please correct me if I'm mistaken, but I believe the imperative requires the hyphenated verb-subject form?


envoyez-moi un café

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