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Does anyone else have a sweet tooth for endangered languages?

I am making this post to see if there is anyone else on Duolingo that is interested in endangered languages. If you are interested, post the language, how endangered it is, and (optional) a fact about the language or where it is spoken. If you are unsured whether or not the language you are learning is endangered, or how endangered it is, check this site. I recommend using an ISO code to search for your language. That being said, I will now list the languages I am interested in/studying:

  • Kabardian (kbd) (Къэбэрдейбзэ, адыгэбзэ)

Status: Vulnerable

Kabardian is a Northwest Caucasian language spoken by Kabardins in Kabardino-Balkaria and other areas around the Caucasus.

  • Ossetic (oss) (Ирон ӕвзаг)

Status: Vulnerable

Ossetic is an Eastern Iranian language spoken in North and Southern Ossetia.

  • Chuvash (chv) (Чӑвашла)

Status: Definitely Endangered

Chuvash is an Oghur Turkic language spoken in Chuvashia. Currently, it is the only member of the Oghur Turkic languages, and thus makes up one full half of the Turkic languages.

  • Kashubian (csb) (Kaszëbsczi)

Status: Severely Endangered

Kashubian is a West Slavic language spoken in Pomerania.

October 2, 2017



Oh I have a sweet tooth for Scottish Gaelic, I'm pretty sure less than 50,000 people still speak it.


I'd support that and/or Scots.


Ye it would be pretty cool if Duo lingo added the course


Irish: UNESCO lists Irish as “endangered” in the Republic of Ireland, and technically “extinct” as a first language in Northern Ireland.


Ladino, Basque, Cornish, Breton, Romani, Yiddish, Ojibwe (Anishnaabemowin), Navajo + many more.

  • Corsican

Status: Definitely endangered :(

Corsican is spoken by not so many people in Northern Sardinia, Italy, and Corsica (Sadly, only 10% of people in Corsica speak Corsican as a native language, but 50% have a conversational knowledge of it. Mainly French and Italian is spoken.)


Breton / Brezhoneg (bre) - Severely endangered

Celtic (Brythonic) language spoken by 200k people in Brittany - Western France


I do. Gutnish is the old language on Gotland which is the biggest island in Sweden. The language might have 2000 speakers. It should not be confused with the Gotlandic which is the Swedish dialect on that island.

Elfdalian is another language in Sweden in the province of Dalecarlia. Until recently it was considered to be a dialect of Swedish. Elfdalian is that Scandinavian language that is closest to Old Norse. They have also around 2000 speakers.


We were talking about the Sorbian language, which can still be found in some communities in Germany - and which is quite visible because signs when entering a town or on stations will bear the name written in German and Sorbian: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sorbian_languages

I think it's an interesting topic, but I just could not motivate myself just for the sake of it when knowing I will have absolutely no use for it at all. And I am not talking of use in the neo-liberal sense of turning it into money or a career, but being able to travel to a country, use the language universally talking to a lot of people and have a fantastic time.


I have to admit that I know little in the matter of endangered languages but I do have a sweet tooth for all languages.

Perhaps the one I would love to try because the region of León is very close to my heart, is Astur-Leonese, which has 150000 speakers and is spoken in Asturias , León and Extremadura.


I swear I heard something about that language when I was in that region, but never encountered it.


Thanks for the lingots, whoever donated them.


I subscribe to those thanks because it has been a very nice surprise to suddenly find myself with 50 lingots more!


Assyrian is a language I really want to learn


I do definitely for the breton language especially. The President of the region Bretagne, Loïc Chesnay-Girard in France is very much for the possibility to learn breton with the help of Duolingo. We have been asking for it for so long! There are many official teachers of breton ready to prepare the course. So what is slowing you down? preventing you to give the go ahead for breton?

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