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  5. "Leul este moneda României."

"Leul este moneda României."

Translation:The leu is the currency of Romania.

October 2, 2017



We would say "THE Leu is the currency of Romania". You cannot omit the first definite article.

(Now corrected - thank you.)


Or the second. I didn't have the option of any definite articles for my answer.


The Leu in Romania and the Lei in Moldova. The Lion and the Lions?

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Both are called leu. Lei is the plural.


Not Euros and cents then?


No, we are special...we can't give up our plastic money :)


If I type the lion is the coin of Romania it is wrong. Meanwhile the pound is translated to livra. That is does not make sense.


Please don't feel offended or upset that " pound"=" liră". :) The simbol of the Pound Sterling= £ comes from the Latin word " libra"=liră.

" Leu" as a romamian currency can not be translated...it will creat confusion, people will never understand that you are talking about money... For example: If you go in Africa, while on a safari admiring lions, you can tell your guide " did you know in Romania the currency is the leu?!" ...he will ask:" what the heck is a leu?" ..and then you can say " leu means lion in Romanian and is the name of their money"...But if you say " did you know in Romanina the currency is the lion?!" ...I bet his eyes will pop out saying" whaaaat??? "

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