"Auto mého táty je rychlejší."

Translation:My dad's car is faster.

October 2, 2017

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Why not 'my father's car is faster'?


I believe that it is because FATHER is more formal and equals OTEC in Czech.

Auto mého otce je rychlejší.


Makes sense - It's just a bit confusing because in other parts of Duolingo they seem to treat those words interchangeably.


And yet, sadly, I do not recall being introduced to either otec or the word for mother. I would suggest that the standard word for the relationship should always be accepted. I suppose, though, that you could include dad, pa, da, poppa, daddy, and every other less formal term for the word father.


(In)formality of familial associations is a nuance, and is largely determined by the speaker's culture and class. I do not believe this should be the reason for rejecting a translation. Offering an alternative translation with the answer should suffice IMO.


Okay - tried an experiment and I see that the father/dad thing was the issue... but I've definitely used father in some translations of tata in this Family section so far and not been penalised.


The point is to show that táta and otec is not the same. Neither is dad and father. I am not aware of the sentences you are talking about.

Táta is introduced in Family 2. In Family 1 no sentence allows táta. If you think otherwise you would have to point to such sentence so that we could find out what is happening.


I put "my father's car is quicker" and was marked wrong. I was assuming that was because of faster/quicker, but reading here maybe it's because of father/dad. Either way I object! Duolingo has been accepting mother/father for mama/tata in all these questions so far so why not here, if the problem is that? And if it's faster/quicker then there's nothing wrong with quicker. Have requested that my answer be accepted.


Quicker is accepted.

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