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  5. "제 남동생은 찬장에서 자고 있어요."

" 남동생은 찬장에서 자고 있어요."

Translation:My little brother is sleeping in the cabinet.

October 2, 2017



Your little brother is Harry Potter


Younger brother should also suffice as an appropriate answer

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What is meant by 'cabinet'? We don't call anything in our house a cabinet... I can imagine one in a shop though. Do they mean 'cupboard'?


When I read Harry Potter I couldn't really figure out what a cupboard was. We never really use that word for anything in the US. I even assumed it sounded like cup+board as clipboard sounds that way. I hope there are people in Britain with clibburds to write upon. The US has lots of drawers and cabinets in every kitchen and bathroom though.


I'd say that cupboards in US English are kitchen cabinets specifically, but I wouldn't call a cabinet outside the kitchen a cupboard.


Cupboard is another word for cabinet i think (cup-board)


your brother is either Harry Potter, or he has weird sleep preferences.


Or he's a cat


제 男同生은 饌欌에서 자고 있어요


찬장 is a room where beverages, food, and sometimes dishes, household cleaning chemicals, linens, or provisions are stored. Food and beverage pantries serve in an ancillary capacity to the kitchen.


Congratulations then! Yes I am fairly fluent in korean. 남동생 is referring to a younger (little) brother.


Yes and 여동생 is younger or little sister


This is slightly disturbing bit all is finen right?


you know, im so gluttinous when they said 찬장 i thought one of those kitchen cupboards with food stuffed in them, so I decided to add in 'food' in front of cabinet last minute. got it super wrong.

우~아.. 그놈의 (거의 폭력적인(?/)음식 학대 주위!) 식력 때문에... 정말로 어이가 없군,


보통 찬장은 조리할 때 사용하는 도구를 수납하는 공간입니다. 사람이 찬장에서 잔다는 예문이 나오다니...소가 웃을 일이에요.

저는 찬장이란 단어를 보면서 cupboard를 떠올렸는데 cabinet이 나오다니 그 또한 충격입니다.

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