"Writing Korean is easy."

Translation:한글 쓰기는 쉬워요.

October 2, 2017

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Learning the hangul alphabet is easy. Learning to write Korean requires learning to spell which is surely easier than English but is a lot more work than just knowing how to write the hangul letters.

I don't think the English and Korean here are equivalent as translations.


You're absolutely correct. Saying "writing Korean" in English implies much more than just writing the alphabet.


Is "한국어로 쓰는 것은 쉬워" correct here? It didn't accept


Why does 한글을 쓰기 have a typo? Is the object marker not required here?


I believe 한글을 쓰기 is grammatically correct, if uncommon.

The ~기 grammar can be used to turn clauses into noun phrases. However in complete sentences, especially larger ones, it is more natural to use ~는 것 instead.

한글 쓰기 is a noun phrase formed by adjacent nouns similar to 딸기 케이크 ("strawberry cake").


한글을 쓰기 is 'to write Korean writing' as 한글 itself is literally 'Korean writing'. What 한글 쓰기 literally says is 'Korean writing to write'. Lots of letters to copy and to trace in marked out squares, pictures showing the meaning of the words. I might pick some out for my daughters, but I think they're getting a bit old for that. It's certainly easy enough:


If you want to talk about the Korean alphabet/characters, try 한글( 문)자.


Why not 한글을?


Yes i agree writing Hangeul is easy for me but i write as if it's printed it doesn't look natural ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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