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"Como se diz boa tarde em alemão?"

Translation:How do you say good afternoon in German?

March 13, 2013



Guten Tag. In german you don't say good afternoon literally translated (at least my region)

anyway that phrase is useful ^^ just replace alemão with português and ask with english words :P


Ich liebe Deutsch. :D


yeah i have never heard of the literal phrase 'good afternoon' auf Deutsch

thanks for reinforcing that


What is the "se" for?


to show it is impersonal.


Could it be 'How do I say...' because you and I are both impersonal here right? it's applicable for all.


Pergaos good natural translation is... 'how does one say...


I think verbs with reflexive pronouns are sometimes best translated with Passive voice. Therefore, a more literal translation would be: "How is 'Good afternoon' said in German?"


Are quotes not necessary to make this proper in Portuguese? Would it not be: "Come se diz, 'Boa tarde,' em alemão?"


We'd say: "como se diz 'boa tarde' em alemão?' Or 'como se diz, em alemão, 'boa tarde'?


It is hard to translate this because "se diz" I can translate as you say, he say, she say :/


It's like the passive voice, "how does one say," or "how is it said." It has the same meaning of "how do you say" or "how do I say" in English, because those questions aren't exactly asking how "you" or "I" personally would say that, but how "it is said," in general, impersonally. Romance languages are sometimes more vague and flexible like that. Out of context, it can really mean any of those, but most literally I think it's along the lines of "how does one say..."


you can say "mahlzeit" until it's time to say "guten abend" - good evening

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