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  5. "hezké město"

"hezké město"

Translation:nice city

October 2, 2017



When "m" is read like "mn" yet?


it´s because of "ě", f.e. "věci" (things) = /vjeci/; "měsíc" (month) = /mňesíc/


Actually, its read like m but before i and ě, it us read as mñ


Nope, "mi" is pronounced as /mi/, no change there. But "mě" and "mně" are both pronounced as /mňe/.


So if I'm understanding the words correctly, dobré describes the quality of something more generally and hezké describes the appearance specifically, is this correct? So "good" would not be an accurate translation in this case? Would "good-looking" be similar to hezké? Thanks in advance


It is quite similar as it is in English. good is not the same as pretty or nice.

Good looking has a similar meaning, but it is not currently accepted.


can we translate it "beautiful town"


They are similar words, but "krasny" is better for beautiful than "hezky". But I think "nice town" would also be an accurate translation.


Hi, can "město" be used as "place" in some context? In Croatian language we have same word "mjesto"="město"and in certain contexts, the word can be used as "place" e.g. "Stavi na ono mjesto." - "Put it to that place". Thank you!


No, "město" only means "town/city", nothing else. It's like "grad" in Croatian. (The Slavic word "grad" became "hrad" in Czech and it only means "castle" now.)

The word "místo" means "place" - and it's equivalent to the Croation word "mjesto".

Obviously, both "město" (town) and "místo" (place) come from the Proto-Slavic "město/mjesto", which meant both "location" and "settlement": https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/Reconstruction:Proto-Slavic/m%C4%9Bsto

Also please note that the Czech word "město" is pronounced /mňesto/, so not exactly the same as the Croatian "mjesto".


"Hezke" can mean "pretty" or "nice". In English these have two different meanings. So does "hezke" mean "nice-looking" rather than just "nice"?


For non-living things both nice and pretty can mean it is good-looking - and that is the main meaning of hezký. Of course, nice can also mean something else.


ANNOYING! I wrote "pretty city" - isn't that also correct?


"pretty city" is accepted. Why don't you use the report button? Then we could see what you actually wrote.


Thanks - I'm brand new to Duolingo and still learning all the buttons! :D

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