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New privacy setting for Schools/Clubs (updated)

Dear Duolingo for Schools teachers;

We now allow people to type freely in Clubs. We made this change for serious language learners who want to use Clubs in order to motivate each other and practice newly acquired language skills.

If you or your Duolingo students use Duolingo Clubs (mobile), this is a warning for you, please read:

EDIT (Updated with new information Oct 11th):

-We will, starting on October 11th 2017, allow disabling of Duolingo Clubs for all students in Duolingo for Schools classrooms.
- Duolingo for Schools teachers can change these settings by following the same instructions for turning forums on and off for students. Do this if you want to prevent your students from using Clubs.
- Are you a student in a Duolingo for Schools classroom? Check your status in your Progress Sharing settings here.
- Students can always leave a classroom by following these instructions. If a student leaves the classroom, the teacher will be notified via email.
- Students will still see the Clubs tab in their apps, but if they are blocked by the teacher from using Clubs, when they tap on it, they should get a warning message explaining their classroom has it disabled. The warning should appear in their own language.
- Before, it was intended to have them off by default, but it caused too much confusion, especially for mobile users who do not have access to these announcements. We will now instead allow it to be the teacher's choice and work on improving the surfacing of privacy options for teachers.

Duolingo Clubs are meant for language learners to motivate each other and practice their new language. Please be clear about your Club’s intentions and content in the title and description. Any user found breaking the Community Guidelines, even within a Club, could have their Club deleted and even their whole Duolingo account removed.

It is worth reminding everyone that the Club admin can kick out Club members at any time, and Club members can leave at any time.

This will be cross-posted in the Educator’s Forum, please direct people to one of the official posts for questions. Thank you all, and happy learning!

October 2, 2017



I love that the update allowed everyone to freely type, as long as it is appropriate. Anyone agree?


Yusssss, this is great - I agree! Tbh, I only joined a club recently so I had no idea about this but... HELL YES. Infierno Si! XD


Love it! Although it is rarely used in my clubs... I think because most people aren't fluent enough yet in those languages :D


Thanks for this cool update! Do you know if Clubs will be coming to desktop at all? And if so, when? (Sorry if I missed a discussion on this)


I created a test classroom. But I cannot delete it. Do you know how?

I also deleted a club, because it was too hard for me to monitor all clubs I was keeping. But what happened to this club code? Does it "live" for ever? It is supposed that clubs disappear after the administrator removes all the members and leave the club. It is not so. If one member had kept the code he can take control of this club. It is not fair so. After all each Duolingo user can make more than one clubs. And so a "famous" club can be used by someone else, without the old owner's permission. Of course leaving a club being the administrator, I think that the ownership is taken by the most active member, but I am not sure about. There's no documentation, or I don't know it.

Also: Removal is not permanent. The member can come again keeping his XPs. So as removal is not a penalty for someone breaking the club's rules, and Duolingo guidelines. It is difficult to report a bad behavior, you don't know the username.

There is no full documentation with all functions in a club. Unless I don't know where it is.

I am dreaming of Clubs real communities of drill and practice. It is a huge step forward the open and free comments inside them and thanks Duolingo! But there's no way to invite your friends unless you put the club code in your profile. But what about choosing a team of friends to learn together? How can we do? By email? Of course, but email is not published by all and it is out of Duolingo. I would prefer all activities to be inside. More controllable and safer.


For the first question about deleting classrooms, just go to the "Classroom settings" (it's in the menu on the left, for that class) then there is a link at the bottom of these settings to "Delete this classroom".


Hello, I also like that you are allowed to freely type, but I still wish it came up with suggestions like it did before, but instead above the keyboard, as we usually haven't learned enough expressions to give reinforcement ourselves when we need it the most. Thank you.


Thank you HelpfulDuo!

Can I please ask though, why were they disabled?

EDIT: Question answered by Jrikhal.


They aren't "disabled", they are "disabled by default".
For the same reason the forums are "disabled by default" in educator's settings of Duolingo for Schools.


I don't understand. Can you simplify?

  1. Are you in a Duo-Classroom?
  2. Are you in a Duo-Club?

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