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Fluency percentage, how does it actually work?

Hello everyone,

I would like to understand how the fluency percentage works. I do Italian lessons here 2 times a day the last 2 years and I'm only 20% fluent according to this score. I just started studying German 3 weeks ago and it says I'm already 15% fluent. It doesn't make much sense, at least to me. Can someone explain how this actually works?

In Italian I've got all the last lesson balls yellow and I keep them using the strengthen resource. I always try to take the "non yellow" balls to the maximum as well. German on the other hand, I have only the first 5 balls yellow.


October 2, 2017



How does it work? It doesn't. The fluency meter is broken. Ignore it.


Hahaha! I guess that's the answer then...


As far as I can tell, it works the way it was designed to - therefore it isn't broken. You may not like the way it does work, but that is a different matter.


I saw a post by an admin where they said that they tried to improve it and accidentally broke it.


If you can finish an entire tree and gild it and be told you have fluency in single digits, then it's broken, even in terms of how it's supposed to work. (Yes, I speak from experience on that one.)


I agree with Woof on this one. The very first week in the Polish course I was given a 14% rating and I knew that I was no where near 14% fluent.


Yeah, I'm feeling the same


Please read http://duolingo.wikia.com/wiki/Fluency

However, keep in mind:

However, I think Duolingo's courses are excellent.
Just enjoy the courses and don't worry about Duolingo's fluency %.


I think it is supposed to make you feel unaccomplished. :_(


fluency for duolingo is relative... the sentences they teach like she has a big pear or things like that are not sentences you would use in real conversation but the idea is to show you how the words fit in the sentence so when you are ready you can make your own in conversations. there comes a point where it may feel like a plateau like your language level is seeming to not improve but thats because its like climbing a pyramid and gets harder and harder with more limits on what you can do to improve as you gain higher and higher to a C level. I have been sufficiently stuck in conversation level for 4 months in Czech but I can tell that I am making huge leaps in reading and writing. and also made a huge change in grammar this week it will keep getting better the more solidified you become in what you have learned and the more resources you use. I just found 4 new vocabulary courses for memorise last night that have a large amount of Czech terminology I am not familiar with. keep with it in both languages and just ignore the fluency and use the language as much as you can :)


I really like your answer. So true.


I am humbly thankful for this information engjamf!


How do you check how fluent you are?


another, related question: how do "Fluency" and "Level" co-relate based on Duolingo ranking? Thank you !


They don't. Level is only indicating XP gained. Fluency is supposed to indicate how well you are going in the course, and includes strength of words, how often you peek at answers, how often you make mistakes, among other indicators. You could have very high fluency with quite a low level or vice versa.

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