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How many people have actually continuously utilized Duolingo?

I know a lot of people use Duolingo, but how many actually try to learn more after they have finished a tree.

October 2, 2017



I finished my tree at the middle of last school year, and just started using Duolingo frequently again this school year.


I have finished the French and Spanish trees and continue to use Duolingo to practice. I focus mostly on French which is the language I'm actively learning.

I did so much practicing and strengthening on my Spanish tree in the past that now the gold never fades. I still strengthen it from time to time, but I've waited up to two weeks in between strengthening to see if any bars would fade. They never did. There must be a formula so that every time you successfully strengthen without mistakes that the strength lasts longer every time. It's only recently that I completed the French tree, so parts of it are still fading every day.


There are tons of people who should continue practicing their languages even after they finish. I personally would want to make it apart of me like English.


I don't have any data, but it's likely that anyone serious enough about a language to finish a tree will probably continue to learn it in many cases. That might include Duolingo but there are also lots of other ways to learn too. Actually talking to people being just one example.


I want to learn as many languages as possible. Like I said before, I want to make all the languages apart of me like English is.


I actually just started Duolingo this school year and I already have 2000 XP


Cool! I started around 3 to 4 weeks ago. I have 1480 XP. I used to try to get 250 XP per day. Worked fine for a while.


That's awesome! There have been a few days when I have done 80-600 XP each day. Right now I'm sticking w/ 10 XP.


I keep practicing even after finishing the tree because I always forget a little bit over time.


Genau! XD That's exactly what I mean!


56,912,497 users.


I tried to do the math, which is weird bc I don't exactly like math, but eventually I got bored and gave up.

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