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Collection with expressions, phrases and sayings for Tinycards

Hey guys, I want to create a Tinycard Deck ( but probably there will be more than one) with verbiages, phrases and sayings. Why? Because you they never come up to your mind when you need them or you don't know how they are correctly expressed.

The Cards should be for german and english speakers and helpful for both sides. Namely with all grammatical incorrections and all the "Ach", "echt" and "doch" the german language has up in the sleeve. And, if possible, with all the "hey" and "nah" from the english. I want to edit them with graphic in a way you get a hunch how to use them and don't get in hot water or get red-faced because you applied them wrong.

So dear Native Speakers and Muttersprachler. Suggestion, emendations and translations: Give it to me! Something is missing on the list, you want to be on it. Give it to me! Please add always if it is BE or AM and leave out any foul-mouthed terms. We are not allowed to use them here. It's all still in preparation so please be patient.

Please have a look here: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/24686593 and write your comments there down below.

Thank you in advance for your help Angel

October 2, 2017



are regular words also fine ?


Hi Rose,

for me as a german speaker is "alles klar" a regular word. So yes, why not. Please have a look on the list I posted in "english from german". It shows what I mean.

best regards Angel


oh ich verstehe jetzt danke


Hallo Leute,

ich habe mal ein paar erste Karten gebastelt. Werde ich noch ein bisschen anpassen, aber so sollen sie ungefähr aussehen. Könnt Ihr damit arbeiten?

I made some of the first cards. I will adapt them a little bit but around that way they will look like. Can you work with it?


liebe Grüße Angel

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