"Der Präsident hat Milliarden."

Translation:The president has billions.

March 13, 2013

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That's kind of weird... this question accepts "milliards" (the long numerical scale's equivalent to the short one's billions), but an earlier one, 'Sechs Milliarden Menschen' I believe, doesn't... Is there any good reason for that, or just inconsistency?


The British English “milliard” is rather obsolete, but you should report it in the earlier question.


how would one say 'the president has a billion'?


‘Der Präsident hat eine Milliarde.’


When i should use "billions" and when "billion" ? The german word is "Milliarden" - plural form, but in one test(smth.. sechs Milliarden) correct was billion, in this - billions. What is the rule?


Technically the most direct form would be "billions" in both cases, but when counting using large quantities as reference in English, you usually say the number of those quantities and then the word that represents them in the singular form. For instance, it would be equally correct to say "six billion people" as "six billions of people", but the former is more commonplace.


Oh, thanks. Then, if i use plural form, i need add preposition "of" and everything will be ok?


I don't think I've ever heard anyone say "six billions of people." You're better off using the singular whenever you're talking about a specific number (six billion) and the plural when you're talking about an indefinite number greater than one (billions).


Are we to infer that this sentence is referring to money? Or to supporters? Or could be either?


So far, Earth has no presidents with constituencies (not to mention supporters) of billions, so it must refer to money.


The former egyptian president Mubarak had a fortune of about 70 billion egyptian pound equivalent to 7 billion euros. Even after he stepped down after the revolution he didn't give them back


I'm not certain that's helpful, since 1. Duolingo often gives us nonsensical phrases to translate; 2. It's totally possible in the future, so a plausible sentence, even considering #1; 3. If I'm not mistaken (and I may be), it could refer to billions of anything: bacteria, square feet of land in the kingdom, bright ideas, etc.

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Hugo Chavez died a billionaire.


How can I say: I paid 999 centilliards of euros.

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