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Tinycards and Duolingo

Dear Duolingo team, I don't know about others but I think that Tinycards should be directly connected with your progress on Duolingo when you sign in. For example, whatever words that are low in strength on Duolingo in the "Words" section (on the Duolingo website) should pop up on Tinycards highlighted or some other way of notifying the user that they need to study these words in this set. I love Tinycards but it would make studying words of the other language way easier if you knew which ones that needed struggling. Thank you!


For other Duolingo users please comment if you agree and like if you agree so the Duolingo team members can see this! Thanks!

October 2, 2017



This is a great idea. I enjoy using TinyCards and DL, but never remember to use TinyCards. If it was connected to Duolingo, which I use every day, I would then be able to use that website more.


I'd like that too.


I also think that when you do one of Duolingo's tinycards, you should get XP.


I know, right? We can practice and practice on TinyCards, and we don't get any XP!


Hello! You can now earn XP for studying Duolingo content in Tinycards: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/27819336

For now, this feature is only available on web and Android but we plan on bringing it to iOS soon.


Tinycards are only semi-useful and probably should not affect your Duolingo lessons.


You do have a point


It sounds like something I would agree to, but I'v never used tinycards so I don't know :(

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