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You know what would be great?

You know what would be great? If duolingo had an option to have tutorials with a real person. Like if you were to call someone from another country and that person can help you out with whatever you need help on. That would be an amazing feature to have!!!!

October 2, 2017



There are many other sites that offer that service.


But wouldn't it be better to have that service in one program though? Wow you have a big streak, congrats! Can you tell me which service that is please?


Thanks. It depends on your perspective. Personally, I'd prefer to see improved quality over expanding into most other areas unless there's a really good reason for it. There's no way one app could do everything and they are already pulled in many different directions. I use several other resources in addition to Duolingo.

I often have people to talk to in person, so haven't used online language exchange, but you might want to check out this post. http://www.fluentu.com/blog/french/french-language-exchange-partner/


I have a question. WHY are the stories in the labs only available for those learning Portugal and Spanish? I think I might take those courses now, because that seems swell! It does! Reply to my comment if you agree that they should have French stories too!


That's so true!!! it would be awesome if they made one for every course but I think it's a new thing or something. Maybe they just need time to make stories in other languages or just copy them. It just takes time :D


Ooh that would be cool.

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