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October 3, 2017



So girl 여자아이 is literally woman 여자 + child 아이 that'll make things easy to remember.


I love using 아이 as an adjective! It simplifies things.


you: girl me, an intellectual: woman child


I was told this is the form for a specific age group, 4-8 yrs old. And 소녀 is for about 12 to 16. Is that right?


Why is it pronounced Yeo-jaa-i but not yeo-ja-ai?


Well, in the first few lessons they introduced the word child, which was orignally pronounced ah-eee (아이). Since 한굴 doesn't connect syllables, this would be pronounced yeo-jaa-ee not yeo-jah-ai. If they did connect syllables, this sentence would be pronounced yee-oh-jah-ai. But instead, we pronounce it sort of like yo-ja-ee. Obviously, 'yo-ja-ee' isn't the perfect pronunciation because romanitizations don't match the letters of 한굴, but it's probably the closest you could get if you used romanitizations (which I don't recommend). Correct me if I am wrong, but this is just from what I have heard.


Its computer thats why


I assume a long vowel is formed


I thought 여자 on its own meant girl. Yesterday I was watching performances on an award show and when the girl group "Gfriend" was up it said "여자 친구" as in girl friend


I think 여자 is more like female. Since 아이 means child, 여자아이 would literally be translated as female child i.e girl as young female.

Also, 여자 = female

친구 = friend

여자 친구 = girlfriend


여자 means woman 여자아이 means girl like a little kid since 여자 is woman and 아이 is child 여자친구 is girlfriend because 여자 is woman and 친구 is friend


여자 means woman... So since a "girlfriend" is usually an adult, it's translates to 여자진구 or woman friend... 여자아이 literally means Woman Child... Or girl... Just like 남자아이 directly translates to Man Child...

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