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"Co si tvý kolegyně mysleli vo tvým novým ptákovi?"

Translation:What did your colleagues think about your new bird?

October 3, 2017



Co si tvý kolegyně myslely...


Můj zdroj: http://www.factumcz.cz/K.Tahal-Grammar.pdf, strana 269:

U sloves v minulém participiu používá obecná čeština jediný tvar, bez rozlišení rodu (novináři|návrhy|studentky|auta čekali). Je samozřejmé, že i ve spisovném jazyce je rozdíl mezi -li a -ly pouze pravopisný, takže v mluvené podobě jde o odchylku jen u neutra.



While it would not bother me if Common Czech was accepted in the course as a variant for translating sentences, it should not be taught as the standard to foreigners. I do not want my regional dialect projected into the course either. Regards from Karwina


this is not being taught as the standard. (what gave you that idea?) we are only trying in the very last skill to create passive awareness of the major features of common czech. there are no sentences in this skill that require translation to common czech. and no, the course cannot accept common-czech translations. we are often already maxing out the allowable numbers of translations just using standard czech. and imo course-wide acceptance of common alternatives would be much more detrimental than our approach.

so i respectfully disagree with your opinion.


the pronouncation of tvy is phantastic, every letter fast after each other, no Czech would understand it in that way :-)


the next tts voice will fix this.

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