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  5. "The book is nice."

"The book is nice."

Translation:Le livre est joli.

March 13, 2013



I totally disagree with this translation. Beau and joli both imply visual appeal. Nice implies pleasant substance and general goodness. I went with bon, which I think is the best translation.


I said that it was agréable, since it means that it's agreeable and nice. I completely agree with you, but it's hard to make a solid translation form English to french, especially with a word such as nice, which has many meanings and uses.


I agree. I also used the word agre'able; but joli and Beau sound too superficial right?


It would need more context, but a book can look nice if it has a good cover illustration or some form of decoration.


Joli is generally used as pretty, isn't it? I'm not sure that the translation is good...


Agreed, "le livre est joli" says "the book is pretty". I went with gentil for nice...


I went with gentil also... :) guess I am not quit there yet. :(


Gentil seems more idomatic but not within our vocabulary yet.


i went with gentil and it marked it wrong.


I used bon .. As a book is good


But you weren't asked to say the book is good.


Aren't "nice" and "good" synonyms?


Almost. Nice is along the lines of aesthetics. In French they say jolie. Good is bon(ne), and is a measure of quality.


Would also like to know, especially since "gentil" is given as a choice when hovering over "nice" ... so it directly tells us "gentil" = "nice" yet using it is incorrect. I don't get it.


I went for agreable which was turned down, predictably so I guess.


Yeah, I didn't know Joli was so general. I went with gentil, but I think that means pleasant in personality. I wouldn't describe any book as "nice" in English...


I believe you actually would say "the book is nice" in certain specific situations. For example if it was a present, "do you like my gift?", "yes, the book is nice, thank you." Also you would use it to describe the appearance of a book, perhaps with a fancy cover.


I agree - weird translation - joli and beau to describe a book??


I said the le livre est sympa (which was "correct"), but it doesn't make sense. I couldn't think of another way to say, "nice". I think "bon" would have fit better.


Who else said gentil


I translated this as: 'Le livre est sympa' because I was always taught that 'sympa' was kind of a catch all for 'nice'. However, this webpage clarifies that 'sympa' is reserved for a more 'personal niceness' like warm and friendly: http://french.about.com/od/vocabulary/g/sympa.htm I guess in this instance a book wouldn't be described as 'sympa'; that would sound strange to a native French speaker's ear, in the way that someone describing a book as personable or friendly would sound strange to ours.
Any thoughts?


don't believe I'd ever describe a book as "nice" (even as a gift). I went for "agréable" which I believe to be a better translation of nice, but I think the sentence should be "the book is good" if they want to use bon. Yes?


Doesn't matter what you'd say. This hypothetical person said nice, so we translate nice.


Totally agree with you as do my French friends and Reverso translation


I used agréable.


So I typed "le livre est gentil" and it told me i was incorrect. Duo suggests "bon" and "joli" which I was under the impression described appearance and meant "good" and "pretty" respectively. I thought that "gentil" would work better although is that reserved only for personality? I think a better sentance would probably be to describe the book as "okay" or "good", but I can think of situations where this would work and since we were given nice we translate nice.

But so I'm looking for some input as to how this works. Does joli describe more than pretty? And is gentil reserved only as personality? Does "le livre est gentil" work at all (and if not what does it mean)?


Whether gentil is exclusively for personality I do not know. However 'Bon' is certainly not just about looks' it is a general remark about quality.


it didn't let me use gentil??


In any case there is an error. If you touch on the words book or nice the suggestions shown are completely wrong


When do we use jolie and joli?


It is absolutely normal and common usage to say the book is nice in English. Also, I learned gentil as describing human characteristics.


This is dumb. I was right.


me not undastand when there are to use joli or jolie. Who can explain me ?


Isnt livre femminane, shouldnt the be la? It marked it wrong :(


Livre is masculine. If you are unsure of the gender of a noun, I find the Larousse dictionary to be very useful.


Angelina est jolie?


I went with agreeable, which I now understand is best used with persons, but I still think beau and joli are poor choices. I would go with "bon" especially if it is understood to refer to quality---which I what I judge in a book.


I used the word gentil. That is a more translation of nice.


I used "gentil"


the book is nice and compliments you often.


Can someone please tell me how livre is masculine?


It just is , most of the time there isn't much reasoning behind object genders


My french teacher said it should be "gentille".


Aah. Its 2 easy you nooooooooobs


Drat, I chose gentil.


It doesn't take a heavy french education to realize the answer is "Le livre est Pimped out!"

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