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  5. "Ti chlapci jsou velicí."

"Ti chlapci jsou velicí."

Translation:Those boys are big.

October 3, 2017



velici? not "velci"?


Both are acceptable with roughly the same meaning, while "velicí" is a bit more bookish. :)


As I can see from the comments sometimes, there is a tips and rules section, but I can't see it. Is it available on PC? I'm using duo on smartphone.


It is available on the web, including the mobile web. Select a skill and click/tap on the lightbulb.


Could you also use this for "Those boys are great"...? I am thinking of the Russian similar word, now. ^_^


No, not like this. You can say "Ten kluk je velký umělec." "The boy is a great artist." Or the names if kings Kateřina Veliká - Catherine the Great, Karel Veliký - Charlemagne. Or wars Velká vlastenecká válka - the Great Patriotic War, Velká válka - the Great War (I think this is a very recent borrowing from English, still not too common). Velká čistka - the Great purge. Velký Gatsby - The Great Gatsby.


Just asking! Why is "Those are big boys" not equivilant to "Those boys are big".


Though their ultimate meanings may be similar, they are grammatically different sentences in both English and Czech, and the course strictly enforces that difference.

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