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  5. "We will come to Dodoma"

"We will come to Dodoma"

Translation:Tutakuja Dodoma

October 3, 2017



Why is it not "Tutatkuja Dodomani"? Do proper place names not get "-ni", or do I misunderstand the use of "-ni"?


You are right - you can't add "-ni" to proper nouns, including countries and cities.


should accept Tutakuja na Dodoma. Shouldn't it?!?


'na' means 'and' or 'with'. The word 'kuja' means 'to come', and when it is followed by a place it means 'come to'. In some cases prepositions don't work the same in English and Swahili, especially when locative adverbs are involved e.g. 'anaishi Marekani' means 'she/he lives in America'


Can we say Tutakuja tupo Dodoma?


No, that would mean "We will come we are in Dodoma." It's like you're mixing the two sentences:

Tutakuja Dodoma. = We will come to Dodoma.
Tupo Dodoma. = We are in Dodoma.

(By the way, I think tuko would be more common with people in a city. A city is very big compared to a person, so the city is not really a precise location.)

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