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"Chtějí jíst do dvaceti dvou minut."

Translation:They want to eat within twenty-two minutes.

October 3, 2017



I thought that in 21 and 22 "jedna" and "dva" weren't declensed, no?



bez dvaceti jedna minut

bez dvaceti jedné minuty

bez jednadvaceti minut

bez jedenadvaceti minut

bez dvaceti dvou minut

bez dvaadvaceti minut

are the correct forms for these.


Thank you very much for your reply!


Sorry, I left out EAT in my question which I did include in my answer which was the same as what you wrote below. It was marked wrong because I did not use "within".


If as made clear in the previous discussion that this means "they want to eat sometime in the next 22 minutes", cannot "they want to eat in up to 22 minutes" be accepted? Thanks


Hello. This is just to inform you that increasingly (3 times today!), the strange phenomenon occurs that I get a "tap what you hear" exercise - but there isn't anything to tap because the word bricks are already in place! Sorry if you can't do anything about it, but I just wanted you tell you too - it really gets annoying. (And yes, I have reported it every time.)


You have to report to Duolingo using the official bug report facilities. The course contributors do not have anything to do with this. You can also ask in the Troubleshooting forum or the Duolingo in English forum.


Thank you. I tried so send a screenshot to technical support, but the link in the forum does not seem to work. Will try language forums.

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