"Kateřina has many cousins."

Translation:Kateřina má mnoho bratranců.

10/3/2017, 8:58:53 AM



I gave the answer Kateřina má mnoho bratrancy, and Duo approved it but claimed a typo as correct spelling is Kateřina má mnoho bratranců.

1) not sure why he considers this a typo when this is a mistake 2) does "mnoho" demand genitiv despite "mit" demanding accusative?

10/3/2017, 8:58:53 AM

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The system assumes one letter off as a typo, unless it creates another existing word (good vs. god). Bratrancy does not exist in any form so it took it as a typo.

You are correct with mnoho and genitive. I am so glad this is my native language so I do not have to learn this!

10/3/2017, 11:56:21 AM


Noted, thanks!

10/3/2017, 12:02:45 PM
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