"I do not eat the pasta, I have a fly in my plate."

Translation:Non mangio la pasta, ho una mosca nel piatto.

March 13, 2013

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why is "io non mangio la pasta. ho una mosca nel mio piatto" not acceptable? Is there translation not missing "mio"?


Your translation is acceptable, please report it.


The possessive pronouns are not used in Italian as often as in English. For example, an Italian would never say "I wash my hands", but simply "I wash the hands". When asked for an explanation, they would probably answer something in the line of "whose hands would I wash but my own?". The same applies here: Though using "mio" is in theory grammatically possible, in practice it sounds like an artificial structure.


Non mangio la pasta, ho una balena nel piatto. Hilarious.


Thanks for your explanation!But it should not be marked incorrect because I've added the mio, unless it's wrong to add it.


That's why I said you to report it in the report field at the beginning! :)

Duo is made mostly with our reports, I think.


A much better English translation would be "I'm not eating the pasta! There's a fly on my plate!!!


I meant "their" translation, not there. Thank you for confirming I was correct.


Their translation is missing "mio", but it can be assumed. "Ho una mosca nel piatto" means that you have a fly in the plate. How could you ever have a fly in the plate of somebody else? ;)

The translations here are not always made word by word.

Probably an Italian would rather say, in that situation "Ho una mosca nel piatto" and an English speaker "I have a fly in my plate", you can think at it like that, maybe.


the translation of "...my plate" to Italian - shouldn't there be a "mio" piatto?


My first long sentence :p ... and it's right.

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