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"Op het witte papier staat één woord."

Translation:On the white paper there is one word.

October 3, 2017



" There is A word on the white paper '' should be accepted, as in A implies One, and cannot be by definition more than ONE.


A is een, not één.


I was told watch the accents. There is no difference in pronunciation. If there is, then DL needs to provided a series of listening exercises to highlight the difference.


Sure, but in English it is really rare to use "one" instead of "a/an" and it sounds really clunky even if technically correct.


Using the word one (één) emphasizes that there is only one. Using a/an (een) doesn't emphasize it as much.


The translation: "On the white paper there is a word" should be correct, because it denotes A word, singular, you cannot say "A WORDS", so it implies a single word, one.


I thought there was no 'e' ending for adjectives of het-words.


Take a look at the explanation here: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/3888221

If the indefinite article ”een" comes before a het-word in the singular, then the adjective does not get the -e ending. Dus: het witte papier een wit papier


Is a comma never written between the circumstancial complement and the verb, unlike in English? Could I say "Op het witte papier, staat één woord"?


No, we would not put a comma there in Dutch.


Is it because "staat" plays the role of "is/there is", and this is not a subordinate sentence?


One word is on the white paper. Apparently this is wrong. I’ve tried it twice to double check for typos.


Your translation is not the literal translation, but it is the way we would actually speak in the U.S. I would never say "On the white paper there is one word." That sounds out of order. Apparently, Duolingo is going for the literal translation. I was confused by that as well.


A word and one word should be considered interchangeable in this course


But they are not interchangeable in reality. ;)


Hopeless Dutch pronunciation by Duolingo. If you want to show that you are talking about a number instead of using an indefinite article, then vocally emphasize één while you pronounce it. That's the proper way.


I agree! Duolingo is Hopeless for teaching!


I said there is one word on the paper and it wasn't accepted why!


Did you write "white paper" - if you miss the word it won't be accepted


Why papier not peper ?


Papier means paper, peper means pepper


And what is that word? Now I want to know!


What is wrong with "a" why only "one" is needed for this


Why not in the white paper?


We are told to click on the words to get the correct translation. It is hard to remember which words have het and which have de. Sometime the wrong word is the upper one. Why is this?


Where is "There" in this sentence? When you click on the word "staat" it gives you 3 words that it could mean and "THERE" is not one of them! Even my Dutch-speaking friends tell me this is not how they speak or how this should be written Is there a better course than this one????


I tend to agree with you, but without 'there' the English comes across as stilted or weird. 'On the paper stands one word', grammatically correct but not something you are going to hear in every day speech. So 'There is one word on the white paper' is more commonly heard but 'On the paper there is one word' is not out of normal. If this were a listening exercise where you couldn't tell èèn from een, then 'a word' should also be acceptable. As for the word, check Goethe's Faust part 1 All of this in my non-Dutch opinion.


It does take "there's one word"

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