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  5. "Nevím, jestli se dívat."

"Nevím, jestli se dívat."

Translation:I do not know whether to look.

October 3, 2017



Why is "don't" wrong here?


It is not. It is accepted. Sometimes the system tells you there is an error in a word while there is an error elsewhere. I do not think you remember the entire sentence, it would help. Thanks


I wrote " I don't know whether to look." That's why I didn't understand.


Why is wrong I do not know if to watch?


Although "if to watch"would be a literal translation of the Czech sentence, it is incorrect in English. "Whether" should be used here.

In English, "if" could be used in phrases like "if I SHOULD watch" or "if I WANT TO watch," but those aren't good translations of the Czech version.

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