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  5. "Whose daughter is she?"

"Whose daughter is she?"

Translation:Čí je to dcera?

October 3, 2017



Why "Či dcera je ona" is not correct, please ?


It is not impossible, but it does really scream that you just translated the English words in the English word order.

The order you propose strongly stresses ONA. Whose daughter is this one and not that one?

I will add it though as we cant teach here the correct Czech word order anyway.


The supplied answer for this sentence is : Čí dcerou je ona? which I think is wrong isn´t it? There is no reason for ´dcera´ to be in the accusative. Or is there?


Sorry. It is correct. Little archaic but completely acceptable. It is not accusative though, it is instrumental. (7. pad)

Accusative is DCERU



Dekuju! I was thinking it was accusative because -ou is the accusative ending for feminine adjectives in the accusative, probably, and I got mixed up. Anyway I am glad the Czech course is finally available :-)


That leads to the question why a case is required that wasn't introduced yet...


Ah, but the instrumental case actually is NOT required, as we can see by the fact that the main translation -- the one at the top of the discussion page -- uses the genitive, which has been introduced.

DL sometimes offers weird "corrections" when we give an answer that's so different from the main translation that it thinks we're trying to use something more... I don't know... sophisticated.

So I'm guessing that's what happened to the OP in the exercise... and it's happened to me plenty of times, too!


"uses the genitive?" The only genitive I can see here is in the interrogative pronoun "či;" "dcera" is nominative. What am I missing?


I think you are not missing anything, and that I misspoke when I "linked" and dcera in my earlier comment. Či is genitive ("of whom"). "Daughter" can be either dcera (nominative) or dcerou (instrumental).


Is it possible to say cí je ta dcera?


Theoretically yes, but it is quite awkward like *"Whose that daughter?" meaning: To whom belongs that daughter?


Then how about ci je to ta dcera? Would ta be redundant?

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