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"Tyto knihy byly příliš dlouhé."

Translation:These books were too long.

October 3, 2017



In the drop down translation they gave both these and those for "tyto"


I do not know where does the "those" comes but do remember that most often there will be hints that are not applicable for the current sentence. Yes, I am surprised that "those" is even there at all, but it changes nothing. Often only a subset of the hints is applicable.

A rule of thumb: tyto, tyhle, tyhlety -> these; ty, tamty, tamhlety -> the/those

Finally, you can edit your comments, please do not split a simple comment into two separate posts, I will generally remove one of them to remove the clutter.


Thank you. The general rule for "tyto" etc seems helpful. Sorry for split post. Accidental. Didn't know about edit.


What does "too long" mean for a book?


It means that they were "too long [to read]" (příliš dlouhé na čtení)

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