"Wir werden den Experten einstellen."

Translation:We will hire the expert.

October 3, 2017

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what's "weak" about it?


It adds -(e)n in all cases except the nominative singular.

der Experte but des Experten, dem Experten, den Experten.

Not sure why those are called weak nouns but that's one word I've heard for that class of nouns.


So if I write "des Expert(e)s" then it's wrong? Or can both forms be used?


So if I write "des Expert(e)s" then it's wrong?



How does one know that 'den Experten' here is in the singular or the plural?


Because einstellen takes a direct object in the accusative case.

den Experten can be masculine accusative or plural dative, but since we expect a noun in the accusative case here, it must be masculine (singular) accusative.

(plural accusative would be die Experten.)


how would it be then if we hire the experts?


how would it be then if we hire the experts?

Then you would use plural accusative die Experten instead of masculine accusative den Experten.


Excuse me butting in but the cheat line says experts plural although I wasn't fooled


The 'll' in 'einstellen' is either not sounded or barely sounded in the audio. My best guess was 'einstehen'.


I know what you mean, but that smoothed-over sound is familiar to me. (Not an expert but saw no-one else had answered.) Certain constanta before "en" at the end of a word get softened (like with "-ten", which is usually nasalised).


I understood it as We will set the expert. Why is einstellen "hire" here? How can i know if it is "to set" or "to hire"


How can i know if it is "to set" or "to hire"


Like how you know that "fire" in "We will fire a shot at him" means "launch a bullet from a gun" but "fire" in "We will fire our bookkeeper" means "dismiss" -- it doesn't mean that you put your bookkeeper into a cannon and then launch him from there.

einstellen + a person is "hire, employ"

einstellen + a device is "adjust, set"

einstellen + an action (e.g. production of goods or smoking) is "stop, cease"

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