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Bug / bogus complaint: "There should be no spaces around apostrophes"

In an exercise where you're translating "the oil" into French, there are buttons for l', le, and la, followed by a text field. If you click l' and type huile, Duolingo does accept the answer but points out that "there should be no spaces around apostrophes". Fine, except that I didn't put any space there. Supposedly, the Duolingo system inserted the space itself, then complained about it! Annoying!

I've also tried typing l' instead of pressing the button, again without typing any space there, and the same exact thing happens! I've seen this problem several times, but I'm not sure whether it's limited to l'huile or not. (I would have used "report a problem", but apparently it can only be used when a picture doesn't match a word (there's a single check box for this, you can't submit a report without clicking it, and you can't fill in any text describing the actual problem.))

October 3, 2017


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