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Forum Maintenance Session Complete

Hello, this morning we temporarily suspended the forums for maintenance. It was a big change, and it went well! However, there are several things that were touched in this change and we are expecting some glitches, especially in the coming hours and days. The glitches related to this change should only appear in forums/sentence discussions. So far, many of the glitches seem to get resolved by refreshing your browser.

Would you like to help us find the bugs? Please share what you find either by sending us a bug report or commenting in this thread.

Please remember to explain how you got the bug to appear; if it is an unknown bug to us, we would likely need to reproduce the issue and test it to understand the problem. So any info is helpful: screenshots, specific forums, browser, scripts you use, etc.

Help us catch them all!

October 3, 2017



I just tried to post a discussion and I was immediately confronted with and error message. My content was language related and as soon as I hit the post button I got the error message. Also, I cannot access my "Followed" discussions. Are these bugs?

Edit: I just checked the discussions, and my thread is in there - I still don't know why I got and error message (Followed discussions are still hidden).


Yep! Thanks for reporting!

Worth noting that we are still transferring some data too, so some things will take a little while to populate your feeds.


Yes, IVIlatjam, I have the same problem. I have also recieved both the error message and the dissapeared Followed Disscusion tab. After the tab appeared I was unable to scroll down any further than what fit on the screen. I have also noted that my notification bell has recently not been fuctuning corectly recently. For example: It does not light up at any given time, however if I click on the bell then it wil show all my notifications. Other times the it will light up, but the notifications are from days ago that I have already delt with.


I have run across a series of bugs that I will report later.

The upvote button is acting weird, and sometimes shows a different amount of upvotes outside of the post than inside. And sometimes it doesn't turn green; very glitchy.

The amount of comments shown outside is different than the amount of comments inside the actual post. This is very confusing.

The notifications for discussions aren't working. The notifications work for when somebody follows me or passes me in skill points, but not for reply to my comment in the discussions.

The Korean, Guarani, and Catalan forums seem to be not working properly (the Catalan forum has been acting weirdly for a while). Only a few discussions show up in the "New" and "Popular" tabs, when there are more that should be there.

Also, sometimes when editing or deleting a post, you must do it a couple of times before it actually works.

Overall, although the new discussion forum is faster, I believe it introduced more bugs than it fixed.

EDIT: Occasionally, a post that you post disappears right after posting, and you have to refresh the page for it to appear.

EDIT 2: It seems that the Catalan and Guarani forums are now back up. Thanks, Duolingo Team!


I had that problem with edit today - a week after you posted And again here!


This morning something new happened. I replied to a comment and it opened two reply boxes: one incorrectly nested to my original comment (see dark blue circle), and one correctly nested below the comment I was trying to respond to. I've circled the reply button I selected. I tested this multiple times to the same result.: Original comment (not OP) at the top of the nest gets a reply box opened and a nested reply comment gets a reply box each time.


Hi friend Usagiboy7. I have been trying to post a new post in troubleshooting but got error 404 each time and lost the text of the post. As I know you will help me, and as this is a thread re forum problems, I am going to try again here with my problem. Please direct it to where it needs to go, or tell me what I need to do.

As I was scrolling through replies to a post suddenly the replies disappeared and a blank page came saying 'You have been unsubscribed from following discussions'.

I don't know what this means. I have looked in settings and found nothing about it. I still have a list of followed discussions.

Can anyone help explain what the implications are and what action I need to take?


Similar happened to me but I didn't take much notice, just assumed I had made some kind of mistake. I am so stupid with computers, so normally I assume it's something I have done wrong rather than than a problem with the computer.


I have had this happen also


I honestly believe this forum would have been better off without this maintenance. It's worsened the already bad conditions on the forum, and it's becoming unbearable.


Also, if you write a reply to someone's question in a sentence discussion and post your reply, and then shortly after you decide to edit your reply, it will not accept the edit. It just doesn't show. What's going on? Actually, I just discovered edits don't show right away. Only after you leave the sentence discussion and then re-enter the discussion several times, will it show the edit. Rather annoying.


When your wager is lost, Duo tells you not just once, but enough times to push out all other notifications. Harsh, Duo.

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