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Forum Maintenance Session Complete

Hello, this morning we temporarily suspended the forums for maintenance. It was a big change, and it went well! However, there are several things that were touched in this change and we are expecting some glitches, especially in the coming hours and days. The glitches related to this change should only appear in forums/sentence discussions. So far, many of the glitches seem to get resolved by refreshing your browser.

Would you like to help us find the bugs? Please share what you find either by sending us a bug report or commenting in this thread.

Please remember to explain how you got the bug to appear; if it is an unknown bug to us, we would likely need to reproduce the issue and test it to understand the problem. So any info is helpful: screenshots, specific forums, browser, scripts you use, etc.

Help us catch them all!

October 3, 2017



I just tried to post a discussion and I was immediately confronted with and error message. My content was language related and as soon as I hit the post button I got the error message. Also, I cannot access my "Followed" discussions. Are these bugs?

Edit: I just checked the discussions, and my thread is in there - I still don't know why I got and error message (Followed discussions are still hidden).


Yep! Thanks for reporting!

Worth noting that we are still transferring some data too, so some things will take a little while to populate your feeds.


Yes, IVIlatjam, I have the same problem. I have also recieved both the error message and the dissapeared Followed Disscusion tab. After the tab appeared I was unable to scroll down any further than what fit on the screen. I have also noted that my notification bell has recently not been fuctuning corectly recently. For example: It does not light up at any given time, however if I click on the bell then it wil show all my notifications. Other times the it will light up, but the notifications are from days ago that I have already delt with.


I have run across a series of bugs that I will report later.

The upvote button is acting weird, and sometimes shows a different amount of upvotes outside of the post than inside. And sometimes it doesn't turn green; very glitchy.

The amount of comments shown outside is different than the amount of comments inside the actual post. This is very confusing.

The notifications for discussions aren't working. The notifications work for when somebody follows me or passes me in skill points, but not for reply to my comment in the discussions.

The Korean, Guarani, and Catalan forums seem to be not working properly (the Catalan forum has been acting weirdly for a while). Only a few discussions show up in the "New" and "Popular" tabs, when there are more that should be there.

Also, sometimes when editing or deleting a post, you must do it a couple of times before it actually works.

Overall, although the new discussion forum is faster, I believe it introduced more bugs than it fixed.

EDIT: Occasionally, a post that you post disappears right after posting, and you have to refresh the page for it to appear.

EDIT 2: It seems that the Catalan and Guarani forums are now back up. Thanks, Duolingo Team!


This morning something new happened. I replied to a comment and it opened two reply boxes: one incorrectly nested to my original comment (see dark blue circle), and one correctly nested below the comment I was trying to respond to. I've circled the reply button I selected. I tested this multiple times to the same result.: Original comment (not OP) at the top of the nest gets a reply box opened and a nested reply comment gets a reply box each time.


Hi friend Usagiboy7. I have been trying to post a new post in troubleshooting but got error 404 each time and lost the text of the post. As I know you will help me, and as this is a thread re forum problems, I am going to try again here with my problem. Please direct it to where it needs to go, or tell me what I need to do.

As I was scrolling through replies to a post suddenly the replies disappeared and a blank page came saying 'You have been unsubscribed from following discussions'.

I don't know what this means. I have looked in settings and found nothing about it. I still have a list of followed discussions.

Can anyone help explain what the implications are and what action I need to take?


Thanks... I have found my post and your answer on troubleshooting.


Similar happened to me but I didn't take much notice, just assumed I had made some kind of mistake. I am so stupid with computers, so normally I assume it's something I have done wrong rather than than a problem with the computer.


I have had this happen also


I honestly believe this forum would have been better off without this maintenance. It's worsened the already bad conditions on the forum, and it's becoming unbearable.


Also, if you write a reply to someone's question in a sentence discussion and post your reply, and then shortly after you decide to edit your reply, it will not accept the edit. It just doesn't show. What's going on? Actually, I just discovered edits don't show right away. Only after you leave the sentence discussion and then re-enter the discussion several times, will it show the edit. Rather annoying.


When your wager is lost, Duo tells you not just once, but enough times to push out all other notifications. Harsh, Duo.


As well as the flags issue I replied to below, I have also noticed that when scrolling down in the forums, no new posts load. Good luck catching all the bugs, and thank you for working to make Duolingo a better place :)


This should have been fixed by now, please refresh and check again =]


Can you also fix the fact that posts I am following do not show up under the 'followed' heading? I am not in a classroom and never have been, plus when I look again at the posts they do say that I am following them. This has been happening for about 3 weeks but does not occur consistently, though it does seem to be more frequent now. For instance see the discussion on : 'you should not have written that'


Oddly enough the url comes up as error 404, but on searching for the title the webpage comes up fine and the url is correct.

Thanks for anything you can do re this.


I was not able to see my response in a thread after posting it. The edit field disappeared, but the response never showed up.

I was getting ready to retype the response, but after refreshing the page twice, it finally appeared.


I just tried to edit my post. But, when I left the forum and came back to see if the edit "took", I found it had not. My comment was back to the way I had originally posted it.


When are we going to see the supposed performance benefits of these changes? When I try to access the discussion threads in the browser on my phone, it can take as long as 20 seconds to switch from "New" to "Sentences" with no indication that anything is going to change - I see the blue bar at the top, the footer at the bottom and and empty list in the middle, then if I wait for 15-20 seconds, the list populates.


I am only able to give one lingot to a comment here: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/24704030. After that, if I press the "Give lingot" button, nothing happens. I have to refresh the page to be able to give a second lingot. It follows that I must refresh the page each time I want to give another lingot.

Thank you for working on these things! :)


I am unable to edit my comment above, so, creating a new comment to report that I was able to give multiple lingots without a page refresh to IVIatjam at the top of this discussion. I don't know why there is a discrepency between the two situations.

Also, I was able to edit this comment. Once I did, the edit button appeared for my attached comment above.

With this field of rabbit holes, I don't envy the techs who are working through this. I am much appreciative though.


I also have the lingot issue, but only on some comments. It works fine on IVIatjam and Usagi's comments, but not on Arachnje's "I too had no problem with few issues reported here..." comment.


Why does the number of responses keep changing for a particular sentence discussion? Particularly in the Dutch sentence discussion forum, you might see a "1" next to a sentence, which should indicate there's only one reply or comment, yet when you click on that particular sentence, you'll see more replies than indicated by the number. When you leave (or back-click) that particular sentence discussion, then all of a sudden the number changes to the appropriate number of replies. In other words, the numbers keep changing. It'll show "1", then "3", then "1" again, for the same sentence! Is this a bug? Also, edits to original responses don't show up.



I have some issues since the maintenance.

First problem. To post a discussion became tricky. Sometimes it doesn't apear, sometimes I get an error 404 back, sometimes it looks to me it isn't posted but after a while and refreshing the site it apears finally. Also happend; I see the post but other users get an 404. Another thing is a user answered in one of my discussions but I can't see the reply while he can see what he wrote.

Second big problem. The display of the given answers. Like Dutchesse722 already reported they are changing. They change everytime I click into a discussion an back or when I refresh. 4 refreshes 4 different numbers for the same discussion. Mostly when I just look it has an out-dated number.

And the "bell is not ringing" I don't get any informations about replys. Only when someone is adding me as a friend it shows up. So at the moment I have to click through my followed discussions and guess where someone might has answered. Not really easy to handle.

These issues are in German, English, English from German. German from English, Spanish from German. Pc (windows) version.

best regards Angel


https://www.duolingo.com/topic/1/new only shows four discussions for me, even after multiple refreshes [EDIT: Now 7]: [EDIT 2: Seems to be fixed!]

https://imgur.com/pGsV4QF is a link to a screenshot if images aren't displaying properly.

Other forums seem to have a similar problem with the New tab. The number shown varies; 5 in French from English, 8 in Troubleshooting, 10 in Polish from English, for example.

Using Google Chrome on Windows 7.

Edit: Also, edited content doesn't show until after a few page refreshes, similarly to new comments not displaying at first. I̶m̶a̶g̶e̶s̶ ̶a̶l̶s̶o̶ ̶s̶e̶e̶m̶ ̶t̶o̶ ̶n̶o̶ ̶l̶o̶n̶g̶e̶r̶ ̶d̶i̶s̶p̶l̶a̶y̶;̶ ̶h̶t̶t̶p̶s̶:̶/̶/̶i̶.̶i̶m̶g̶u̶r̶.̶c̶o̶m̶/̶t̶1̶c̶u̶P̶C̶d̶ ̶s̶h̶o̶w̶s̶ ̶w̶h̶a̶t̶ ̶I̶ ̶w̶r̶o̶t̶e̶ ̶i̶n̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶ ̶c̶o̶m̶m̶e̶n̶t̶,̶ ̶n̶o̶ ̶i̶m̶a̶g̶e̶ ̶i̶s̶ ̶d̶i̶s̶p̶l̶a̶y̶e̶d̶.̶ [EDIT: This was caused by accidentally using the web page URL rather than the image URL. Updated to fix this.]

Edit 2: The main forum page displays the number of comments incorrectly. For example, these two screenshots were taken at the same time, each immediately after a page reload, to confirm that there were indeed more than seven comments on this thread when the screenshot of the main page was taken: https://imgur.com/mdJi460 https://imgur.com/imyIaXd [EDIT: Fixed as of 20:40 UTC, both the main page and the discussion show 30 comments] [EDIT 2: Fixed for this post, but not all. Quite a few show different numbers; some even show different numbers in the New tab from those in the Popular tab (and both are wrong).]

Edit 3: [Contributor only] The UserVoice link from the forums takes me to UserVoice as it should, but when I go to UserVoice this way I don't have access to all the boards: https://imgur.com/nZ6r3Po

Edit 4: The bell notifications seem to no longer work: [EDIT: Interestingly, they work for follows, I just got a notification of a new follower. But still none for comments.]


Here's a new one (new today): I click Reply on one comment and it starts a reply to every earlier comment in the chain. Only the earlier ones, however. It also jumps you up to the first in the chain, so if I were replying to this comment it would jump me up to my original reply. This is quite a pain when trying to reply to a long chain!


I came to this thread to check if anybody else had mentioned this problem. Thanks for doing so!


May I ask if the image not showing is an issue that occurred after the maintenance too?


No, Trofaste used the URL of a web page (https://imgur.com/pGsV4QF), rather than the URL of the actual image (https://i.imgur.com/pGsV4QF.png).


At times though, when I press for my new discussions, there is nothing.

Also, I can't edit some of my posts, or when I do, the edits disappear. And I can't give lingots to some posts either.

And one of my posts got disappeared one minute after I posted it, and it wasn't breaking the guidelines, it wasn't spam, I wasn't being rude, and I'm certain I didn't press the ''Delete'' button. EDIT: It reappeared.


New discussion bug: Fixed.

Lingot bug: Fixed.

Edit bug: Fixed

Disappearing post bug: Fixed!

Thanks duolingo staff!


Now when I click the reply button to a post, text boxes open up on every other comment in that particular hierarchy and moves my cursor to the first one. This is a new bug that has just sprung up.


I just experienced that too.


When will you begin to fix the errors of the forum that live for years? New forum has the old errors and some new ones... Can I post them here? One of them is very interesting: anyone can make any post inaccessible to anyone. Yes, I reported it about two years ago.


Any new changes and bug fixes were impossible without today's maintenance session. So this was necessary in order to make any improvements -- however the transition has some bumps, and we appreciate everyone's reports helping us stabilize this speedier forum. No new changes are likely to be done until these small glitches are fixed. What you are describing sounds like a bug, so please do report it via bug reports if you haven't already! Thanks!


What you are describing sounds like a bug, so please do report it via bug reports if you haven't already!

Jan 22, 2016 4:44 AM, Reference code: 545133


thanks FieryCat!


My personal opinion is that DL should revert to the old discussions while they sort out the bugs so far reported in the new Discussions and then try again. There are so many bugs the staff must be overwhelmed. But I know nil about computers, so I cannot really comment here (even though I have!) and it is just an uninformed opinion.

If you do this, can you give us warning, with a reason? this is very much appreciated. Thanks.


I just posted a reply to this thread and it vanished; it appears when I up- or down-vote the thread, whereupon all the flags in the whole post disappear. It's rather as if the profanity filter were hiding it, but I can't for the life of me see anything in what I wrote that would trigger this.

Edit: it's reappeared, but now all the flags disappear when I up/down-vote.


Just so you know, only the top 15 or so posts in the main Discussion site load. There is a spinning icon after them indicating that more are trying to load... Thanks for your attention to this.

[deactivated user]

    This is also still happening for me, now 2 weeks later...

    [deactivated user]

      My account isn't automatically following a discussion after commenting on it


      the entire Czech forum has been deleted...or at least it says "no messages are in this discussion" when I go there


      Can you share the link? That way we can all try to test it out =]


      It's here. Also broken for me, except the Sentences tab, which seems to behave normally.

      Edit: There is now one post from three weeks ago in the Popular tab, nothing in the New or Top All Time tabs, Sentences still seems to behave normally.

      Edit 2: Back to this:

      Edit 3: At 17:40 UTC October 4, still only one post, with a timestamp of 14 hours ago.


      Czech forum is still only showing one post (created 2 hours ago), ten hours later. Guaraní and Korean forums also have only a single post in each.


      Thanks, this was confirmed, we will look into it!


      It should be working now for Czech. Can you check again? Thanks for your patience!

      P.S. Comments in topic page will start looking like before in other topics too later today.


      Seems to work as it should now. Thank you!


      replied, thanks Thomas


      I currently see duplicate / multiple posts in this sentence discussion forum:
      As I do not know wether this is merely triggered by a poor internet connection of both users or if it is related to the update I would appreciate if this could be checked. Thanks in advance.


      I also see that in this forum, also in the English from French sentence discussion, but not any of the others I'm subscribed to.

      Edit: I have now seen this in the Polish from English sentence discussion as well.


      I have been 'guilty' of double or even triple posting. What happens is that when I click to post an error 404 page comes up and I have assumed that it hasn't posted, so I start over again. But I have learned it does normally post, despite the error 404 page so now I try to remember to check if it has posted when I get the error 404 page prior to posting again.


      Please share what you find either by sending us a bug report or commenting in this thread.

      When editing my own existing comment in Duolingo Discussions, after pressing the Save button, the refreshed discussion page is focused at the top of the page rather than being focused on the newly edited comment.

      When editing my own existing comment in Irish Discussions, the same page refresh behavior happens, but my newly edited comment’s content is unchanged; the edit isn’t applied there.

      EDIT #1 (two days later): My edits are now applied in Irish Discussions, but the refreshed page’s focus is still on the top of the page rather than on the edited comment.

      EDIT #2 (six days later): The refreshed page’s focus is still not always on the newly edited comment, and the content update still seems to be done asynchronously at times. One additional thing that I’ve noticed is that there are inconsistent comment counts shown on the Discussions pages for particular discussions, e.g. the Irish Discussions page sometimes shows 0 comments, sometimes shows 2 comments, and sometimes shows 3 comments for the discussion with the title “The Genitive Case” (its actual count at this writing is 3 comments). Is this a problem with the synchronization of mirrored servers?


      Two days later:

      • In Duolingo Discussions, after pressing the Save button, the focus is now fixed, but there is some delay in reflecting the updated content of a newly edited comment (I left this reply because my initial edit wasn’t immediately reflected after the page refresh. If this refresh is now being done asynchronously, please change it back to being done synchronously!);

      • In Irish Discussions, the content of newly edited comments is now properly saved, but the focus is still broken.


      The up and down voting arrows are not working properly. If I give either an up or down vote and then leave the page and come back, the red or green circle is there but the vote goes back to the number it was before I voted. A worse problem than that is that when I tried to correct the vote, and nothing happened, I repeatedly clicked on the vote arrow but the vote went the wrong direction by 4 votes, instead of the correct direction by 1 vote! I turned in a bug report but haven't gotten an e-mail back yet acknowledging the report was received. This was on a PC.


      Update: The voting glitch has not been fixed yet and no one from Duolingo has commented on the problem. I tried to up-vote someone's comment on this forum the other day but I couldn't. The circle went green but the vote stayed at zero. I've been able to give some correct votes in my Spanish class but the German from English class is all messed up. The votes disappear when I leave the page and when I try to correct them, they have gone in the wrong direction many times. I do my lessons on the web. Is anyone else having this problem? Is the problem on other platforms besides the web?


      I have the same problem.


      We'll look into it.


      Hideki san, can you please give us an update on what is happening reference correcting the problems and why it is taking so long? 1/12 of a year has passed and the up down voting arrows in my German class are still not working, though they usually always work in my Spanish class. I tried to write a comment in my German class today and got a 404 error message. Just this past week, when we hover over the words in our lessons, or when we get a correction of what we have written, all the "t's" look like "l's" and the "f's" don't have a cross bars, either. I get many e-mail notifications about a question I'm following in my Greek class entitled "αλφα", but it never opens when I click on it. I always get a 404 error message. I believe it would help people feel confident that something is being done by DL to correct these problems if we would be given regular updates about what is being done and why it is taking so long to fix the problems.


      I tried to give about 15 lingots to a forum post. The numbers started getting funny as clicked and then confirmed "yes" several times. I stopped once I realized that about 50 lingots had been subtracted from my account and none added to the forum post. https://www.duolingo.com/comment/3981150


      A lot of people have said this already, but the notifications bell seems to be broken. When someone comments on your post, it doesn't go off. It goes off if someone follows you, however.


      2017-10-14 Still not getting bell notifications of direct replies to discussion posts. I did get the email notifications for both direct replies and other posts to followed threads


      After reading some of the other posts I'm not quite sure if what I am experiencing is the same or a new bug. When I try to edit a comment it is possible as long as what I want to change is something within the first four lines and I can simply navigate there with the cursor. If I want to edit something further down or try to click the field it turns white.

      I first noticed this sometime last week, and since then it persists on the two computers I tried it on (Windows 7/Firefox).


      Issue: You will have to refresh your web page 2 times before you see your changes when your 'edit' your own discussion.


      • 1) Open an earlier discussion you created
      • 2) Edit the content
      • 3) Save that changed content
      • 4) Result: You will now run the refresh (e.g. by reloading the web page via the address bar) of the web page 2 times before you see the change in step 2.
      • 5) But expected: You should only have to refresh that webpage not at all (e.g. immediately after clicking 'save'), otherwise maximum 1 time refresh (and thus not having 2 times to refresh) to see your change in the discussion.
      • 6) Tested on Duolingo desktop using Google Chrome browser on the Microsoft Windows 7 desktop

      • 7) I see that this issue not always occurs, under all circumstances, but it certainly occurs often enough to be able to reproduce it.


      I will add a lingot to someone's post, that works ok. But as soon as I add a second or third lingot, the lingot counter starts counting down (looks like I am removing lingots from the post, as if that were possible!) and when I refresh the screen, my own lingots have gone down, but the post I wanted to add to doesn't show the lingots I gave. The lingots went into the void Eeek!


      Thank you so much Duolingo staff!


      Clicking the "✓ Following Discussion" box doesn't seem to "unfollow" a discussion.


      Deactivated user profiles look active in the overviews instead of being shown as "deactivated user"
      Edit: not only there but also in discussion posts https://www.duolingo.com/comment/23014489


      I can confirm this - I am seeing comments that were previously attributed to a "[deactivated user]" now showing with that users original username, even though clicking on that username brings you to an empty profile.


      I can also attest to this. Unless alexinIreland reactivated his account:

      EDIT: I actually like it!


      Wouldn't it cause people to reply to deactivated users if they are shown like thiis in discussion posts?


      So what?

      Most of the worthwhile replies are to the content of a message, not to the poster of the message. It's not unusual to see people reply to a comment that was made on a sentence a year or two ago. If a new learner has questions about a particular aspect of syntax or grammar, or even has insight into a particular dialect usage that someone else asked about 2 years ago, they should reply no matter who the original poster is, whether they are deactivated, or they have just abandoned the account.

      The original poster may not respond, but somebody else will.


      It's a minor thing but the Top All Time posts on the Duolingo in English forum are not in order, and like Trofaste said, only the first page loads so it's hard to say if there's anything with more upvotes on the second page. The course specific Tops seem to be in order but then again those only load 2-5 posts.


      Everytime I try to post a new discussion thread in the German from English section I get redirected to a 404 error message page. I also lose my post's contents when I return to the page. This problem didn't present itself when I tried posting into the Troubleshooting section, though.


      English for German-speakers forum appears empty to me: https://www.duolingo.com/topic/818


      In the discuss sentence tabs some old questions and responses were turning up under completely the wrong sentences. I forgot to take a photo, but if I see it again I will post one.


      I got one... when I post a discussion and people reply, I don't get a notification for it. That little bell has stayed dark even though I got 10 comments on a discussion overnight.


      same. I don't get any informations about replys anymore. No "bell ringing"

      regards Angel


      We're still planning to fix the bell. Thanks for your patience!


      Planning to fix a problem is not the same as fixing it. Please fix all the bugs that were introduced by the recent upgrade.


      Still planning? Feels like a feature (a rather unfortunate one) rather than a bug 2+ weeks later...

      EDIT: 9 month later and counting. Were you actually serious or just making empty promises to quiet the "masses"?


      Over 3 weeks have passed and still no bell notifications of post responses. It is time consuming and counter productive for users to "follow" every discussion they comment on. This involves checking each thread daily, and searching for their comment to see if it has been responded to.

      It would seem that the developers are trying to shut down communication as much as possible. First by removing activity and now this.

      EDIT: Actually, I can see from another post made 1 month ago regarding bell notifications not working (by Trofaste lower down the thread).


      It would seem that the developers are trying to shut down communication as much as possible. First by removing activity and now this.

      I think they are so clumsily trying to reduce the load on their infrastructure instead of optimizing their code and databases.


      It's worse than that! Even though I have marked some discussions as 'following' these do not appear on my list of discussions that I am following. They stopped appearing there about 3 weeks ago. Now I have to save each url and enter that each time I want to check on the discussion.

      But one good thing I have now managed to do, even though it had been done previously but DL managed to 'undo' my choice. I am now getting email communications when someone replies to me. I found that box had been unticked, even though I had checked it not long before that. Maybe you could get emails if you go into your settings?


      Over 3 weeks have passed and still no bell notifications of post responses. It is time consuming and counter productive for users to "follow" every discussion they comment on. This involves checking each thread daily, and searching for their comment to see if it has been responded to.

      Pretty sad that we're now a month after this was reported and it still hasn't been addressed. I know there's a small team, but this kind of delay solving a "simple" problem makes the company look really bad, especially seeing how the issue has been solved with a userscript from someone with no inside knowledge.


      Can you guys not switch on email notifications to at least save yourself the time of manually checking each comment page? It is pretty frustrating to not be getting bell notifications but as long as I follow the posts I am interested in I happily get emails about them all now meaning I don't have to go hunting everywhere. Not a long term solution but seems like a no brainer in the short term.


      Speaking only for myself here, I do have the emails turned on, but that's not a great solution. I've been active in the discussions for years and get several dozen email notifications each day. Often, it's not obvious if the message was directed at me, even after reading the entire comment within the email. This is especially true for older threads. The bell notifications were especially convenient for immediately identifying the messages I should care most about.


      Would it be too much to ask you to simply roll back that update? At this point it's pretty obvious that you have zero interest in fixing any of the bugs introduced in that ill-fated update, so why keep the pretense?


      I hate to sound impatient, but it has been 7 months now. Is this going to be fixed?


      Konnichiwa Hideki,

      thank you for your answer. Pacience is a virtue you can learn my grandpa always said so I will try.^^ Do you also are still planing to fix the display of the given answers? They still don't work (on my duo at least).

      Issue in german to english / german / german to spanish.

      And thank you for your work. It can't be easy these days.

      best regards Angel


      Hideki, if you read this comment, please pass on my request for Duolingo to provide an update to users on progress on fixing the lack of comment notifications. Thanks.


      Hello. Could you please check the glitch mentioned in this post? Thank you.


      Extra levels of comment nesting are now available in certain circumstances.


      Thread name: Où est le shampooing? When I posted on this thread nothing appeared. So, I posted "Test" and my original comment appeared. So, I posted "Test2" and "Test" appeared. All tests may be deleted.


      French. Thread name: La ligne est propre. Same deal as above, only the original comment did not appear until after the third posting, at which time it appeared along with "Test". I noticed too that Total Comments increased (12 to 25 to 35) with each posting.


      Also, no edit or delete buttons on either thread.


      See also: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/24916112

      I have now created a Duolingo bug report: "Browser crashes when loading many 'new' discussions"

      Reference code: 871832

      This bug will prevent the user loading 'new' discussions from some time ago, e.g. 1 week ago or more (because the browser will crash if you go (too) far back in time)


      Many of the discussion forums are STILL showing as empty for me. As in they say that there are 30 comments but when I click through I only get the "Start the discussion/No-one has commented yet" page. It is very frustrating. Along with the not getting notifications (bell or email) for my comments even when I comment and/or click the follow this discussion button. It is getting pretty frustrating at this point.

      The other glitch (which is not new but does not appear to have been fixed with the updates) is that if you are midway through writing a comment and give a lingot or upvote/downvote another comment the page deletes your comment in progress. Would dearly love for this to be fixed as I have lost comments that took a lot of time and energy... and I did not have the energy to re-write them to my detriment and in some cases the detriment of other learners.


      Also, I just gave someone seven lingots but only three showed up despite all seven disappearing from my lingot total. I presume this is related to the issue with up and down votes not being counted as well?


      It would be nice if someone from Pittsburgh would tell us exactly why these problems are happening and why three weeks have passed and they still haven't been able to fix them. Maybe a computer programmer can weigh in, especially in regards to the broken voting/lingot system.


      I have tried posting a new discussion a number of times (today and 2 weeks ago), but it just 404s for me, all the time. This happens in both Chrome & Firefox :-(


      I had that earlier. I kept hitting the "back" button on my browser (FF) and after 3 or 4 attempts it loaded the posted discussion. I suggest you check the discussion list to see if any/all of them have actually posted.

      I think this bug is related to the "edit - save - refresh twice" sequence needed to see edits to existing posts.


      Just saw that I can't immediately edit my reply after submitting it. Here's a picture: https://i.imgur.com/zLZ00yM.png

      Edit and Delete buttons appear fine after page refresh.


      Some of the formatting rules aren't working all the time. For example, I can't seem to create a new line by hitting space+space+Enter. I can only use Enter+Enter now.


      Strange, space-space-enter still works for me.


      I too had no problem with few issues reported here (like giving lingots, error message when posting, or my reply temporarily vanishing). Many glitches don't seem consistent.


      That's often a symptom of cache distribution - the Duolingo service is distributed over different service at different locations, and sometimes there's a lag in distributing the updates across all of the servers. This is usually only a problem for unplanned or emergency maintenance, though - for planned maintenance this can often be avoided by shortening caching intervals in the run-up to the the maintenance window (at the expense of increased load that the caching is meant to alleviate).


      At this point any cache inconsistencies should have been completely flushed from the system. It's looks as though the ongoing problems are developer issues rather than operations issues - just bad code.


      שלום. Wonder if the bug the discussions have with typing Hebrew and English together in a post will be fixed. Punctuation is awfully hard to put in when it acts like this. תודה. You can see I actually meant the dot to be on the end of that sentence, but it got mixed up.


      That’s expected behavior with punctuation that neighbors right-to-left text; that’s not a result of the forum maintenance.


      Ok. Well there is a problem though because after a while when I'm trying to straighten things out (I left that messed up to show what it does.) the screen freezes and I have to reload the page losing my comment.

      [deactivated user]

        The Swahili discussions only have three posts (which is problem #1), and when I selected the bottom one, the sidebar of related posts was active and I could view other posts (and continue to look through by using that, totally normal, no other problems there). But when I viewed the other 2 posts, that sidebar was no longer available (which is problem #2).

        I have screenshots if you want them, but I don't know how to put them in a post.


        To put images in a post (or any other HTML thing, for that matter,) do ![](>image URL goes here<).


        I found this morning on accessing the discussion forum for esperanto from english only the sticky top post and on eother was visible. I refreshed twice then the rest of them became visible.


        I have just seen a post by someone with MY username, MY profile, and MY name. Most of you probaly know that knowone can have the same username. (It will be automaticly be changed by adding a number, capital letter...) I found this comment when I was trying to find diiscusions that I had created (because at that time followed discussions would not show up) so I went to the search bar and typed in my username, liviagirl. It did not pull up what I was hoping it would. Instead of showing all my posts, if showed all the comments that peolple had specifically for me. (Example: Liviagirl, ...) I glanced at the screen and saw the title: Hey! Whats up? It's tempting to look, but I suggest you don't. Obviously I was tempted to look, and I'm glad I was. The URL for the disscusion is https://www.duolingo.com/comment/24726947


        If you didn't write the post, someone used your account to write it. This could be because you left your account signed in on a device they were using, or because they know your password. Might want to change your password.


        Something seriously wrong with the German from English sentence discussion board. Every time I click on a discussion, I'm directed to the German from Italian equivalent, which (apparently) have no comments. I tried commenting, but got the 404 page. Back button trick didn't work.

        Fruit is sweet (Obst ist suß) and Zucker is suß


        I don't know where to post this, so please let me know and I'll move it.

        Why is there no ß symbol available in the German typing exercises?


        Audio Lessons glitch: I cannot go farther than the first four lessons (Taxi, Bakery, Cafe and Restaurant I). Restaurant II comes up but will not start. I love this app! It has me motivated and finally learning to write better.


        You're replying to a 2 year old post about updates to the discussion forums on the website, in a forum that isn't specific to any language, about issues that you're encountering in a specific language course, without specifying which language course you're having a problem with, and apparently using one of the various different Duolingo apps, rather than the website.

        It's extremely unlikely that this two year old update to the web code that manages the discussion forums is related to your current problem. You should submit a bug report or create a new Topic in the Troubleshooting forum detailing the language course that you are having a problem with, what platform you are using and what version of whatever software you are using to access Duolingo.


        I no longer have access to the forum discussions on any questions, it just come up to a blank screen.



        Does it happen for all sentences?

        App or web? IOS? Android? Version?

        What is your device/computer system? Used browser + version?

        Make sure that you use the latest versions of Google Chrome (V77/V78+) or Mozilla Firefox Quantum (V68esr, V69-70+)....maybe "too new" is not good either.

        There have been made many updates by staff to the web code in 2019 and older browser versions (of Firefox V45, Chrome), IE11, Safari usually run into many troubles.

        Mobile apps get updates on a ~2-4 weeks basis...if new app versions have that problem try to rollback to an older version (only possible on IOS with a BACKUP or on Android by downloading an .APK file from an archive sites and manually installing the older Android app version).

        The Firefox V52.9.0esr browser still seems to work here a bit on older computers but has several issues in 2019 with lessons (freezes, high CPU load, blackscreens, constant required browser restarts, etc.).

        If you have older hardware, MacOS or older mobile smartphone/tablet devices this might also explain why you are running into trouble because vendors require a minimum OS version to install the latest browser versions.

        Quote: I no longer have access to the forum discussions on any questions, it just come up to a blank screen.

        Q: Have you checked the browser console for any red (JavaScript) error messages?

        You can access it in Firefox with the "Ctrl + Shift + K" / F12 hotkeys.

        If the above tips to install a recent Chrome/Firefox Quantum version do not help, you can report the bug here:


        Make sure to include as many details informations about the hardware, OS, browsers, versions as possible.

        You somehow also have to provide to staff a guide how they can reproduce the exact symptom.

        So a detail error message (or even better stacktrace including the file names and code lines) from the browser console which you can copy and paste to the developers / 3rd technical supporters would immensely help them.

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