"Matěji, jak jste vysoký?"

Translation:Matěj, how tall are you?

October 3, 2017

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Jak to řikaté, "Matěj, how are you tall"? (That is, if someone was asking the means by which a particular person got to be as tall as they are.)


After spelling the name "Matej", the system marked the translation correct, but added "Pay attention to accents". There was not the row of buttons for accented letters that some screens have. On a keyboard that does not have accents, how can accents be included in the spellings?


Yeah. The system SHOULD accept MATEJ and such without moaning about it but only because we had to manually add all those names to English side. And we missed few. If this happens again, report it please. This particular sentence is good now.


Can't you translate "Matěj, what is your length?"


No. You would not say that in English


I understand why it is the vocative case - same in Polish. But in casual conversion it sounds natural to draw someone attention by saying his/her name in the nominative case?

Matěj... jak jste vysoký?

I noticed that i don't use vocative so often.


No, the vocative is compulsory. Even when very colloquial.

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