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"Who are you going there with?"

Translation:S kým tam jedeš?

October 3, 2017



I don't think I've seen kym before, is it some object form of kdo or another word?


"Kým" is the instrumental of "kdo". The Czech preposition "s" is followed by the instrumental case, so that's why you have to use it here. http://prirucka.ujc.cas.cz/?slovo=kdo


I must have missed something, but I thought it was "kam" for going to. Please advise.


Kam is indeed "where" in the sense of "(going to) where," but it is a question word. The question word in this sentence is "who," disguised as s kým ("with whom"). Here, tam is the destination.

Tam can be both a location ("Jan je tam") and a destination ("Jan jde tam)." And they can be turned into their respective question formats as "Kde je Jan?" and "Kam Jan jde?"


"kam" is "where (to)" - you don't need here, you're asking "who with", not "where".

But you could also ask "Kam jedeš a s kým?" or "S kým jedeš a kam?" -- combining both questions "where are you going and who are you going with" into one -- at the risk of sounding like an overbearing mother, of course, especially if you throw "...a kdy se vrátíš?" into the mix.


Thanks both, and I love the last comment, which I understood straight away, (being a parent and grandparent) I must be learning something!


Why is wrong S kým tam půjdete ?


that is the future tense

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