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"I was supposed to study languages."

Translation:Měl jsem studovat jazyky.

October 3, 2017



What is the reason why "studovat" can't be the last word? i.e. "Měl jsem jazyky studovat"


The last word in a sentence is the most important. It is the answer to the ask. "Co jsi měl studovat?" (What did you allowed to study?) "Jazyky." (Languages) / "Měl jsem studovat jazyky." ("Jazyky" is the last word.) Or: "Co jsi měl dělat?" (What were you supposed to do?) "Studovat jazyky." / "Měl jsem studovat jazyky." (The last words are "studovat jazyky")

Or if "studovat" would be on the end of sentence: "Co jsi měl dělat s jazyky?" (What were you supposed to do with languages?) "Studovat." "Měl jsem je studovat." "Měl jsem jazyky studovat." (Ne zapomenout!) This is some strange sentence. I don't know what would be a useful context.

I am sory for my weak English.


How do i say if i want to use this "se utice" reflection instead of studovat? Is it possible to do with mel?


Měl/a jsem se učit jazyky. And it's učit se

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