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To all of you who posted a weird or wacky fact yesterday .........................

Sadly (I don't know how or why) but I can't find my post, at all. I've checked my email and each time I go into the previous post it says that there's an error. It also seems that I'm the only one who can't access my post because while I was at school a few people commented on my post. So what do I do? I'm not really sure (at least my hello post is still there. It is right?) Anyway I guess I could do another wacky facts post but I'm not sure I'll do one until I find my post.

October 3, 2017



Hi Blossom.A,

I just looked up your post and it does appear to have been deleted, either by a moderator or by staff. From looking it over, I can guess that it was deleted because it was off topic for what the forums were designed for. They are here for directed discussions related to language and Duolingo.

So, if you have a question about grammar, want to share a cool article you've found a language, or ask about people's favorite book to read in your target language for practice, those are the kinds of topics that these forums were built for.

For more information about how the Duolingo forums and community work, here is an FAQ. :)


It might have been deleted by the Mods since it wasn't exactly about language learning :D oops. But that post was really fun. I'm gonna miss it :'(

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