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Duolingo Stories and German

I recently discovered the added "Stories" tab in Duolingo and I think it is a brilliant initiative since I was planning to look for reading exercises to practice my German however as of now it is only showing me the options of Spanish and Portuguese. I know it is still in Beta but is anyone aware whether German will be added or not and if yes, then by when? Thank you :)

October 3, 2017


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Wir wissen es noch nicht.


I denke dass Eines Tages werden wir das haben. Aber nicht jetzt.


Ich denke, dass wir eines Tages das haben werden.....


Finished all I can and am only 57% fluent. Where do I go from here?


Just practice a whole ton. I'm not even halfway through, and it tells me I'm around 30%. (Not that I really believe it.)


I really agree. German stories would be incredibly helpful. Thank you.

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