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Hey guys isn't there anybody learning German to chat with ? I'm alone and I have no friend willing to learn German:( I'm in 3rd level Basic 2 Right now.

March 13, 2013


I don't think chatting in a foreign language with other learners is very useful. You can play around with the words you've learned, but if you make mistakes there is no one to correct you and you can stick to incorrect phrases. I'd suggest you to look for native German speakers who learn English (if English is your native language), thus you could help each other. There are sites for this like,,

Plus, I think that being in Basics 2 isn't far enough to have a meaningful conversation. Maybe you could look for someone with the same level to have some competition.

There are a couple of language exchange programs online that addresses this problem. iTalki (FREE!) italki brings you everything you need to become fluent in another language. Get speaking practice, find an online language teacher, get help on writing, ask questions, and make friends around the world. Learn Chinese from a teacher in China. Learn English from an American or British teacher. You can find a teacher that's right for you, and take language lessons on your schedule.

Note, there are many others that you can find via Google of course. Or better yet, check out a polyglot's blog, they often discuss, review or recommend a language exchange site. From what I understand, there are many people trying to learn English so you shouldn't have a problem finding a friend willing to teach you German at your level as long as you return the favor.

Thanks a lot everybody !

every comment was useful !

I hope you to be successful!

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