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Ihr and Sie

Hello everyone. Recently I have responded to a lot of 'Duolingo' topic discussions. When I discovered that I could just go to discussion posted about German I was delighted. Anyway my question today is is Ihr or Sie the formal form? Also I would be interested if anyone had any websites that I could use to look up the different forms of verbs I use for Ihr? eg. 'Ihr möchtet, Ihr habt' etc. cluney.

October 3, 2017



Sie is the standard formal form. In the past (lets say you read texts older than 50 years) Ihr was also used as formal form.

http://wiktionary.de/ helps with your second question. Easiest way to look at them is to use the infinite (as mögen, haben, etc.). You can also search for inflections (as möchte, hast, etc.). This will lead you to the infinite page anyway. On the infinite page, theres this table and at the end of the table is a link that will show all inflections.


I could not find The infinite page shows a table of the inflections.. Plz send a link if that's ok :D


Ihr = you plural, informal. Sie (with capital S) = you, formal.

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