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Help with a language group's first meeting

Following Duolingo Meetup's established age limitation, this meetup will be for people 18 years or older.

The (unofficial) Duolingo American Sign Language Facebook group will be getting together to do it's first group video chat. We thought it would happen last month, but, life happened.

If you would like to help us pick out questions for our first introductory meeting, read through This list and pick your favorite 5 questions. However, please keep internet safety practices in mind, don't ask age or locations closer than "state". Also, try to pick questions that are intermediate level or easier.

It is ok if you don't know sign language. I just want to know what your favorite questions are. I'll pick through people's suggestions and put together a final list for our meeting.

Thanks for your suggestions everyone! ^_^

October 3, 2017



I revamped some of the questions into an SL-oriented version, so here are my picks (I don’t know if they classify as easy/medium):

Are you a student? What subject are you studying (What do you do for living)? What subject do you like/dislike? If you change your job/study subject, what would you study/do? Are you/were you a good student? Did you make any trouble at school?

Are you the oldest/tallest child in your family? Do you have children? Do you like to have children? how many Children would you like to have (Dr. Bill would choose this question ;)) Is your house big or small? how many rooms are there in your house? (another Dr. Bill choice) Does your father/mother/brother/sister work? what do they do/study? Are you a tidy or a messy person? What chore do you hate the most?

Do you prefer tea or coffee? Do you eat spicy food? Name a spicy dish you want to try (Spell) Do you prefer baseball or soccer? or other sports? Do you cook? what can you make? (Spell) Do you like reading? how often do you read/wish to read? What is the first/last book you read? Do you have a garden/grow any plants?

Did you have a pet as a child (or do you have one now)? what was it? What is your pet’s name ? (Spell) Do you prefer cats or dogs (Ok, you can add bunnies too) Are you afraid of any animals/insects? what insect/animal scares you?

How often do you go to the dentist? Do you smoke? How many cigarettes do you smoke per day? What do you do when you feel sad/stressed?

Is the place you live in hot/cold?
If you go on a vacation, do you prefer to go to the mountain of to the sea?
What country do you wish to visit in the future?


Do you prefer to ravel by car, train, or ship? Do you like to fly? Does it scare you?

What machine do you always use at work/home? Is there a machine you need/want to buy? (Spell)

Holidays and gifts
What was the best gift that you ever received? Have you ever received/were given a funny or terrible gift?

Do you have any bad habits? Do you go to work/school/appointments early or late? Do your friends have any good/bad habits ?


Here are some topics which I think might be fun....

How did you learn ASL?

How long have you been signing?

What other languages are you studying?

Regionalisms - such as birthday, pizza

Do you know SEE? PSE?

Do you go to Deaf events?

Do you have any questions about ASL or Deaf culture?

Any ASL jokes?

How could Duolingo implement an ASL course?

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