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Other sites for learning German

Hi, what other sites do you use apart from Duolingo? Duo is certainly great and was my first choice, but I think it is not enough. Do you know some free site with grammar? When I learnt Spanish I found one with 100 grammar units (articles, nouns, pronouns, verbs, tenses...) and it really helped me a lot, since I used it together with Duo. I'm sure there is something similar, but I cannot find anything. Thank you in advance :D

October 4, 2017



I recommend Lingvist. When I completed my German tree in Duo, I was left with the feeling that I still had so much vocabulary to learn. Lingvist is entirely focused on teaching vocabulary, which makes it an excellent complement to Duo. And it is also free. :)


there is an app called HelloTalk. it's not just for german, but any language essentially. you put in your native language, then the language you want to learn, then it matches you with the reverse, i.e. people who want to learn your native language and speak the language you want to learn. it's a pretty nice community, people are very helpful, and the app has lots of tools to make the interactions and corrections easy and fun


Memrise is very nice! It's free, but paying gives you more options. They've got grammar bots, and will take you step by step through the grammar- normally. Although, even the free version allows you to learn grammar and many words and phrases through many different sections of learning the language. German is Easy! is a great place to go to learn german grammar- and it's very cheap for a well-made membership!


I use Rosetta Stone. That costs money but I also use Google translate for translating very simple things like objects and people.


Hi! I've just finished all the German slots and I'm "57% fluent" - where do I go from here?!


You could try communicating with German speakers online (and irl if possible) and read books I think.


I use podcasts (Coffee Break German is good for beginners), DW (Radio D is an audio course with downloadable exercises and answers to do alongside; Deutsch Interaktiv is an online course) and the Goethe Institut has a lot. I googled free German language resources and these were the best ones for me, but there were lots more. Check out Tom's Deutschseite and Deutsch Akademie for specific grammar stuff.


Lingvist memrise and HelloTalk was mine Sam mentioned under. I also found an app where i can watch bbt some episodes every day for free and other shows in German. Be creative with your learning.

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