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FAQ for lingots: first edition

I must admit that I am rather tired of people posting about lingots (what is a lingot? What do I do with them?). Because I do not think that just deleting users’ posts will stop these questions/posts, I decided to make up a FAQ so that users can answer their questions for themselves. If, someone posts a lingot question, all I (or you) have to do is simply provide a link!

Hope this helps! If anyone has some revisions for my FAQ, make sure to tell me, I would love to hear them. Thanks Usaigboy7!

FAQ for Lingots/rupees; Second Edition

What are lingots? A lingot [ling-guht] is the Duolingo virtual currency. It is a red, metallic, ovalish shape.

How to you get lingots? 1. You get a lingot every time you level up in a language. With each increasing level you get an extra lingot 2. You get two lingots when you finish a skill ( a circle with a picture on it on the "home" page). You do not get a lingot when you take a (placement) test to finish a skill. 3. You get a lingot when you complete a ten-day streak. With each increasing ten-day streak you get an extra lingot. Reached a 1,000 day streak? Get 100 lingots!!!!!

Where is the lingot store? If you push the home button in the blue bar at the top of the webpage, you will find a button labeled "lingot store" at the top of the white page.

Where can I see how many lingots I have? Your lingots are located at the top of the page in the blue bar by your streak and “announcement bell.”

How can I give my lingots? Near the bottom of someone’s post, you can find an option to “Give a lingot.” All you need to do is simply push the button, click yes to the “Are you sure you want to give away one of your precious lingots?”, and you will be all set!

What is their purpose? 1. To encourage users to learn languages in a fun way. 2. To serve as a motivation to do so.

What can I use them for? 1. Buy a streak freeze for your streak 2. Buy a double or nothing to increase your lingots 3. Buy timed quizzes 4. Buy extra courses (look for the Christmas course around December) 5. (On the app version) Buy suits for your Duo owl! 6. Host an XP contest (make sure you know all the guidelines for XP contests before starting one and make doubly sure the contest is about learning, NOT lingots!) 7. Post a paragraph in another language and give a lingot prize to whoever translates it first (once again make sure the post is about learning, NOT lingots!) 8. Give a few lingots to those whose posts are insightful or helpful. 9. Store them up as a momento for how hard you have worked!

October 4, 2017




In regards to:

Where is the lingot store? On the top right corner of your tree is a button that you click to access the lingot store. Also, you can push your lingot number on the top of the page to access the lingot store.

The people who ask "what are lingots" probably don't yet know what a "Tree" is. So, instead I would direct them to First: click the "Home" tab "in the blue bar at the top of the screen (Duolingo's desktop version). Second: On the right side of your language course (aka Tree), click the button that says 'Lingot store'.

After that, I would just scan your instructions for similar intuitive leaps you might be making based on knowledge you have gained from having spent more time here. We all start at the beginning of the learning curve, and it is important to remember than new users are also starting where we did when we first joined. :)


Thanks! I'll change that ;)


You did a great job!


If, someone posts a lingot question, all I (or you) have to do is simply provide a link!

And to the Support Pages which have answers to various of those questions. ;)

Unfortunately, posting any of those two links (or any FAQ itself) will make people stop posting those same questions: people post it because they didn't search before asking, not because the information isn't available.


Yes! I totally agree with you. I think that is alot of the case :)


There are plenty of places that explain what a lingot is and lots more info on using Duolingo. If users cannot find them, what makes you think they will be able to find your post and this prevent asking their questions?

While your post may be well intentioned, it is itself just a form of spam. All you need to do when people ask what is a lingo is to post them a link to one of the existing explanations.


I guess so, but when I wrote this, I was not aware of a comprehensive, quick-read guide. I could at least use this when someone asks. Thanks for your opinion :)


Wait... lingots are metallic? Seem more like gemstones that are shiny to me...


They seem metallic to me, but I guess you could call them shiny gemstones.


yeah okay i know what to do with lingots know

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