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How come the online version differs from the android (Google Store) ?

Almost all words in the Android version come with how to pronounce them and the meaning of each. How come I have it differently in my online Duolingo ?

However, the online comes with a detailed grammar explanation that I can't find in my Android version.

October 4, 2017



Is it because it is still in the BETA development stage?


They're actually different programs. The iOS version on my iPad is a third program. The words tested per lesson, the XP, the sentences in the lesson, etc. overlap but there are huge differences.

For example, on my Mac when I select a word it will give me a little pop-up with the definition, which makes lessons where I don't remember the vocab much easier on the Mac. It also gives me different exercises. For example here's a sentence in English, and an assortment of Romanian words that an be used to translate that sentence plus some random words, you have to translate the sentence. Since my grammar is crap, these exercises on the iPad are also much harder.

Don't get me started on gems.

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