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Understanding German

So I am currently in level seven in the duolingo German course. In German, you change the ending of many words based on the words around it. I understand this principle for plural nouns and the word 'the' (die, der, das) but should I study hard on how, what, and when the endings of many words change too before I move on or will it just come more naturally as I go on. Can anyone else relate?

October 4, 2017



They can be unpredictable so you should memorise the basic rules and patterns but not stop your learning for too long to focus on it because the odd ones or weird rules do just stick in your mind after a while


I think it's better to spend some time understanding german declension, try thoughtco.com (formely known as about.com) and german.net (this one has exercises too).

I suppose it's the first time you encountered it so it's probably just the nominate case, that's not too difficult, but don't rush and give yourself some time to familiarize with the concept and don't give up when/if you feel hopeless, we all had that feeling once or twice and it goes away when the case system just clicks.

Keep on learning! :)


The cases are not very difficult, you can make a few tables, keep them with you and use them as you need to. You do not need to learn them perfectly from moment one, but it is a very important part of German and you will need to learn it. But you do not need to stop other lessons.


I certainly have had this experience of words changing and me getting confused. Don't stop learning but keep going and ask questions why here on Duolingo when you run into a problem.

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