Revision of forum code

The recent revision of the forum code seems to have introduced more bugs than it has fixed. Here is a list of things I have noticed:

a) Some posts seem to get duplicated. This may be due to the OP reposting but could be due to a time lag that seems to prevent to post appearing immediately.

b) The count of responses in the list is not always the same as when the post is opened.

c) When a post or a reply is initially posted, there is no ‘edit’ function available when it is first opened. This only appears when it has been opened the second time.

These are just 3 of the new bugs I have noticed since the upgrade.

October 4, 2017


I also notice flags disappearing capriciously and voting appears to be buggy (frequently it won't let me remove a vote without reloading). Sometimes it doesn't highlight my own previous votes in green, too, so upon clicking the up-vote button I end up taking a vote away.
Another one: after editing a post it sometimes will not show the changes without refreshing the page.

October 4, 2017

Hi psionpete! The maintenance session was not really referred to as an "upgrade" because it was more about moving data around and some other under the hood things that just needed to happen for the forum to keep up with the site. We expected some bugs to appear with this. Although user expectations are high, the ideal outward-facing state is: the same as before, but faster and more stable. Right now, we also have some accidental bugs that we are working to fix—so share any that you can find! We chose to only keep the forum off the air for 3 hours instead of a week, knowing people would have to deal with minor bugs when it went back up. Still preferable to a week without it, right? Staff is keeping an eye on this thread, collecting community-found bugs which help us a ton, so please share your findings with us there. =] Thanks for helping out!

October 4, 2017

I agree with c) and I experienced it myself that there is no edit button.

Looks like updates have been applied to code without any previous testing, don't they?

October 4, 2017

d) The other problem is that the Android app (tested recently with V3.56.1 and with latest update V3.57.0) never shows the correct count for discussion comments when you do NEW lessons.

It always shows 0.

For strengthen excercises (global strengthen skills button) it works on the Android app V3.56.1 and V3.57.0.
There has already been opened a thread about this Android app discussion comment count issue, but I can not find it anymore to be able to include infos about my findings and re-tests with V3.57.0.

October 4, 2017

I too am presently experiencing the same issues reported by Psionpete (in particular the unreliable count of responses), to which I should add further problems when I edit any of my already extant posts.

① On submitting the edited post, very often (6-7 times out of 10) the page is loaded again without any change (as reported by Garpike), and only reloading it (i.e. refreshing the page) the changes appear.
Only in a fewer number of cases the page is loaded properly, featuring the new changes.

② In a few cases, my changes are not saved at all, and I have to edit the post all over again.

③ Seldom, clicking the 'Post' icon once nothing happens, as if the page were irresponsive. Clicking it again, the edited post is regularly submitted (but changes may either appear or not, as previously said).

④ A couple of times, on submitting the edited post the page loaded ...but without my post, as if it had vanished! Reloading the page, it appeared again, regularly featuring the new changes.

⑤ I also once found no 'edit' option, as reported by Thomas Heiss. The option came back again after reloading the page.

By the way, I only access Duolingo using the PC, so the bugs concern the website.

October 7, 2017

One thing I noticed is that when somebody replies to any of your comments, you will not get a notification from the bell in the top right. This means that you have to look back at every discussion you posted in if you wish to reply back to somebody.

This is not necessarily a bug, but the old feature was certainly quite useful.

Using Chromium 61 on Debian 9.1 "Stretch".

October 4, 2017

You should share this here or submit a bug report: :3

October 4, 2017
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