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"Kupuju tenhle dům pro svou mladou dceru."

Translation:I am buying this house for my young daughter.

October 4, 2017



may i ask why would "I buy this house for my young daughter" be incorrect?


I buy eggs every Saturday at the market... I buy shoes for my kid every six month. But 'I buy house...'? It is not exactly a repetitive action. You are buying the house now. You would not use simple present


It's true that it's not very idiomatic, but it's not incorrect, just oddly formal for the situation. "I claim this island for Spain," for example. But I think Duolingo usually accepts any answer that is grammatically correct, which "I buy this house" is.


i think most of the people thinking this is correct do so not because of a flair for drama but due to poor grasp of english tenses. by accepting this marginal tense use we hurt this majority. but you are correct, when in rome, do as duolingo does.


I bought this house for my young daughter. - wrong?


Yep. There is no past tense in the Czech sentence.

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