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I have a question

Guys, when do we use trinken, trinkst, trinkt ? Thank you for answering !

October 4, 2017



German verbs change their endings to tell you who is doing the action.

ich trinke I drink

du trinkst you drink

er/sie trinkt he/she drinks

sie trinken they drink

The tips and notes are always a good place to look for an explanation. See:



....and if you ask: Möchtest du etwas trinken? - do you like to drink something?


Think how in English we say

I am You are She is We are

I run You run She runs We run


Trinken: either infinitive form of the verb trinken (to drink) or present tense plural: wir trinken (we drink), sie trinken (they drink)...also Sie trinken (you drink, courtesy form). But: Du trinkst (you drink, singular). Er, sie, es trinkt (he, she, it drinks), ihr trinkt (you drink, plural)

Prost! :-)


There are different verb endings for different pronouns: Ich - e Du - st er/sie/es - t wir - en

Ich - trinkE Du- trinkST er/sie/es - trinkT wir - trinkEN

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