"Proč je Kateřina dobrá manželka?"

Translation:Why is Kateřina a good wife?

October 4, 2017

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I type [why katerina is a good wife?] tis wrong? My english so bad...


native english speakers would know this but the word order is unnatural. "why is katerina a good wife?" is how it would be said


That is a weird wording, thus the syntax isn't natural. Typically, you put the verb after Why. Hence, the proper syntax would be "Why IS Katerina a good wife?"


I find this question a bit odd. Which of the following does it mean?
1. What is Katerina's reason for being a good wife?
2. Why is it said that Katerina is a good wife?


Both, the question is ambiguous.


Perhaps it should be "how..."? As in " In what way(s)..."


can manželka also mean spouse?


Spouse can be both manžel (husband) and manželka (wife). Also, it can be translated as choť, which is usable for both man and woman, but isn't used too much. Maybe more in books than common language.


Pretty sure manželka is a feminine noun therefore no, it can't be.


Why is manželka stressed on the second syllable? I thought all words in Czech would be stressed on the first one.


I can't hear the thing you describe. Maybe the question intonation is confusing you? Anyway read https://fonetika.ff.cuni.cz/en/czech-phonetics/ to find out about Czech stress. It may not be the thing you think it is. Notably "The acoustic manifestation of Czech lexical stress is very interesting. Unlike in many languages, the stressed syllable is not associated with typical signs of prominence. Unstressed syllables are often higher, louder and longer than stressed ones. More specifically, it seems to be the post-stressed syllable which tends to be, speaking strictly objectively (acoustically), more prominent."


Is there a reason that "Why is Katerina a good spouse?" not accepted. Yes, I know that "manzekla" is clearly feminine and "spouse" is ambiguous", however I can't see that as being sufficient reason to mark it wrong/as a poor translation. Thank you for your time and assistance!


It is considered to be a sufficient reason.


si and Katerine by any standards are interchangeable... The solution Why Katerina is a good wife is GOOD, should be accepted.

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