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  5. "That is his sister"

"That is his sister"

Translation:Yule ni dada yake

October 4, 2017



In spoken they cant say dada yake, it is common to hear dadake


"dada" belongs to cl. 5/6 JI- MA. As a human is treated grammaticaly by cl.1/2 M-WA this is why - "yule" ( that ). But..... according to class of " dada" should to be " LAKE" not - " yake" ( cl. 9/10 N-N ) - his.


Where have you seen dada listed as belonging to 5/6?

Kinship names (other than mwana, mume, mke) are generally 9/10 and for the possessives they use the y- and z- forms to indicate plural and singular.

mama yangu = my mother
mama zangu = my mothers

baba yangu = my father
baba zangu = my fathers

kaka yangu = my brother
kaka zangu = my brothers

dada yangu = my sister
dada zangu = my sisters

Same with bibi/nyanya and babu, ndugu, shemeji and a bunch of others.

These words sometimes get a ma- in the plural which seems to be a non-standard thing, such as "rafiki", which is commonly:

rafiki yangu = my friend
marafiki zangu / rafiki zangu = my friends

But that's pretty rare with dada.

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