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suchen and finden difference (Unterschied zwischen suchen und finden)

Hallo Leute, Can anyone tell me the difference between these two words? Thanks a lot.

October 4, 2017



Well suchen means to search and finden means to find so it is probably the same difference in German as in English. Search is to specifically look for whereas find could mean to randomly come across or to find an object after searching for it


Well one is to search (suchen) and one is to find (finden), it's the same difference in English.


Suche und du wirst finden.


SUCHEN means looking for something, trying to find it. If you are lucky and you do find it, your Suche is successful. However, not every SUCHEN ends with a finden. Manchmal muss man eine Suche erfolglos abbrechen, you have to give up the search because you cannot find what you are looking for.

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