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  5. "Jsem dívka nebo chlapec?"

"Jsem dívka nebo chlapec?"

Translation:Am I a girl or a boy?

October 4, 2017



I don’t get it. Are there multiple words for boy and girl. The first lessen had us using “Kluk” and now we use “chlapec”. Why?


The next version of the tree will introduce only one of the words first and the othe later to avoid this confusion.


What’s Czech for ‘non-binary’?


Nebinární, that is in context of human sexuality


I don't think in North American English the "a" is necessary. I was failed for not including it.


If you are asking if "Am I girl or boy?" should be accepted, it should not. You would not, for example, say, "Is it hat or coat?", would you? You could say, "Am I male or female?" or "Is it red or blue?" -- but those are different. In those two sentences we have adjectives, and the article is not required. In the exercise sentence, we have nouns, and the article is required, though it can be omitted for the second noun. "Am I a girl or boy?" is also accepted.


I tried "am I a girl or boy" and was wronged.


"Am I a girl or boy?" is accepted. Since we have no current report in the system for this, we cannot tell you why whatever you wrote was rejected. The Report button is helpful in these cases.

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