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  5. "Whose machine is that?"

"Whose machine is that?"

Translation:Čí je ta mašina?

October 4, 2017



The audio for just the "Čí" is not correct


Please read the announcement https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/28047586

There is really nothing we can do. If you feel light fighting the windmills, you can report it as a bug to Duolingo to make some pressure. However, they do know about the issue already.


"Čí mašina je ta?" is wrong but "Čí mašina je to?" is correct. Can somebody clarify please?


i will try. TA here is pretty much THE in spite of Czech not having articles. So "Whose is THE machine." is fine but "Whose machine is THE. " is not.

TO stands for THAT or even IT/THIS, (depends) and you would get Whose machine is it.


So is it the same thing with ten? Do you always use "to" in that form of question?

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